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Top Headlines

Future phones could house a ter...

Future phones could house a terabyte of storage

>>>>> Engadget - Engadget - 24-07-2014 02:15 <<<<<

You may think that the 3GB of memory in your new smartphone is hot stuff, but that pales in comparison with what Rice University has in store. Its scientists have detailed a form of resistive RAM (RRAM) that can be made using regular equipment at...

LG sells a record 14.5 million ...

LG sells a record 14.5 million smartphones as profits nearly triple

>>>>> Engadget Mobile - Engadget Mobile - 24-07-2014 12:50 <<<<<

LG has just reported a record quarter for mobile phone sales, showing that it's taking advantage of a slump from arch-rival Samsung. LG sold 14.5 million handsets over the last quarter, its highest total ever and 20 percent more than last year -- with more than a third of those LTE models. It chalked up most of the success to its well-reviewed top-of-the-line G3 handset, along with strong sales of its mid-range L products. LG's mobile division...

Samsung's leaked Galaxy Alpha l...

Samsung's leaked Galaxy Alpha looks like a smaller, prettier S5

>>>>> Engadget - Engadget - 24-07-2014 12:12 <<<<<

Many have assumed that Samsung's fabled metal smartphone would be a very high-end device, but some new leaks hint that it could be considerably more modest. Both SamMobile and Tinhte have posted photos of the Galaxy Alpha (shown on the right), a...

The top 12 tablets you can buy ...

The top 12 tablets you can buy right now

>>>>> Engadget Mobile - Engadget Mobile - 23-07-2014 11:35 <<<<<

Whether you're looking to replace your laptop or just find something to keep you entertained, there's a tablet out there to suit you. But with an ever-increasing array of slates crowding the market, narrowing down the list can be a chore. So we've sorted through the pile and picked out some of our favorites for both power users and media consumers. Our complete buyer's guide is always just a few clicks away, but feel free to cruise through the...

Apple new iPhones to come with ...

Apple new iPhones to come with different time tables to avoid competition

>>>>> Digitimes - DIGITIMES - 23-07-2014 08:37 <<<<<

Apple's new 5.5-inch iPhone will come several months later than the new 4.7-inch model in order to avoid competition between the two models, rather than due to poor yield rates at 5.5-inch production lines as being reported, according to sources in the iPhone supply chain. The different timetables have been set as Apple does not want to repeat the mistake it made in 2013 when it launched the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c simultaneously, said the ...

iPod touch price cuts and new 1...

iPod touch price cuts and new 16GB model with rear camera hit the UK

>>>>> Engadget - Engadget - 01-07-2014 06:41 <<<<<

A few days ago, Apple killed off the stripped-down 16GB version of its iPod touch as quietly as it was introduced last year. In its place, a new 16GB model emerged with the same 5-megapixel iSight camera and color selection as its counterparts with...

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