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Top Headlines

This tattooed HTC One M8 is the...

This tattooed HTC One M8 is the company's latest Limited Edition

>>>>> Engadget Mobile - Engadget Mobile - 14-08-2014 10:00 <<<<<

Of the many phone makers in the world, HTC is one of the best (if not the best) at churning out Limited Edition collector's items that focus on unique design and features. The latest in a long series of such products (most of which are highlighted in the gallery below) is a collaborative effort with Singapore-based design collective Phunk Studios, in which the group made a specially designed HTC One M8 with its own unique packaging. Only 64 of...

AT&T will send LTE media br...

AT&T will send LTE media broadcasts to your phone in 2015

>>>>> Engadget Mobile - Engadget Mobile - 13-08-2014 06:33 <<<<<

Verizon may be the first out of the gate with LTE-based media broadcasting in the US, but it won't be the only game in town. AT&T's John Stankey has revealed that his carrier will have its own Multicast service (you're looking at Verizon's technology here) sometime in 2015. It'll first launch in areas where AT&T can start immediately, but it should expand as the provider gets comfortable with both the technology and content partners. F...

Nokia Networks Wins Vodafone LT...

Nokia Networks Wins Vodafone LTE Contract

>>>>> Reuters - Cellular News - 13-08-2014 02:57 <<<<<

Nokia Networks says that it has won a contract from Vodafone New Zealand to deploy a 700Mhz based LTE network. Coverage will be initially limited to Papakura. Vodafone New Zealand Director of Technology, Sandra Pickering says kicking off the commercial 4G rollout to rural New Zealand is a major milestone. "Our focus this year is about expanding our 4G network to rural New Zealand with 700MHz, and Nokia Networks will play an important part i...

Amazon undercuts Square and Pay...

Amazon undercuts Square and PayPal with its own mobile card reader

>>>>> Engadget - Engadget - 13-08-2014 02:52 <<<<<

Square's grand plan to democratize credit card payments has inspired a clutch of imitators, the latest of which is Amazon. The company has just announced Amazon Local Register, a credit card reader and app combination that'll enable small businesses...

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