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Full Name
Rob McCabe
Job Title
Product Director
NG telecoms
United Kingdom
Rob started working life in Lloyds the fish shop in Blackboy hill when he was 11, at 13 moved to Dawsons the toy shop in Whiteladies Rd and at 15 worked in a camera store in Clifton. He (then 17) and Barry Young took over the Bristol Camera Centre in the centre of town. They launched the first ever photographic discount store in the world and pioneered photo retail, shortly after that opening the first photographic supermarket aptly called "Photomarkets UK", then came "Hifimarkets UK" and grew it all to 248 stores nationwide. Rob sold and moved on. Since the mid 70's Rob has been involved, piloted, joined boards, advised and launched dozens of new business ventures. Rob worked with Pat Edrich and Shirley Hill as "Partners the Training People" as far back as the early eighties. They delivered sales training to large and small business alike over the entire UK building an enviable reputation for real success, delegates left the one day training seminars and were able to put new found skills and enthusiasm into practice the next day - otherwise what's the point? Pat and Shirley retired and Entrepreneur Rob took over the company in 1984 to continue training to this very day. Rob (now Sir Robert McCabe) won the SWRDA and WOW "Most Enterprising Male" award in November 2009 for his work as founder and CEO of The Secretary Network, Execnet and various other business interests. He is an Ambassador with "Make your Mark" and "Ablaze" and is often found giving talks at various schools in the area for the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow, delivering motivational speeches and encouraging success. Rob says... "You have to have a real grass roots business background to be able to train and encourage people, you have to be able to relate circumstances and real life stories that people can identify with, you also have to have a passion and really care".
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