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2 days ago 0 comments Categories: News Tags:
Equinix has been rolling out new partners for its Cloud Exchange all year, or at least all three quarters since it was introduced.  But for the holiday season they saved the announcement that key player in the world of cloud computing has signed on: IBM. [Read more →]
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Just a week after taking the helm of Windstream, newly minted CEO Tony Thomas has moved to put the companies network REIT spinoff back in the spotlight.  The company is providing an update today on the transaction and what they hope it to accomplish. [Read more →]
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Time for a quick mid-week survey of news from around the world: [Read more →]
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There’s M&A in the wind in the Pacific region today, as Pacnet has apparently attracted some attention from down under. Australia’s Telstra has confirmed that it is in duscussions to acquire the company. That’s all they said though, responding to speculation from Bloomberg today in a three sentence letter to the Australian Securities Exchange. [Read more →]
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The wireless market in the UK just may get its incumbent back. BT said yesterday that it has entered into ‘exclusive talks’ to by EE, the mobile operator jointly owned by Deutsche Telekom and Orange. While the process will take a few weeks, the apparent price tag is £12.5bn. [Read more →]
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Late last week, Windstream got itself a new CEO. And yesterday, that new CEO continued the shakeup with a series of promotions, putting together his new leadership team. [Read more →]
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Here’s a quick survey of recent regional customer wins and expansions that are worth a quick look:[Read more →]
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Last week I had the rare pleasure of an in-person visit at 60 Hudson on New York City. Frank Orlowski, the Chief Marketing Officer of DE-CIX, and the always helpful folks at Zayo’s zColo division, where DE-CIX has its cage, offered me a tour. And since I am once again based in the area I was actually able to take them up on it. Despite the fact that I write about this stuff every day, I have rarely had a chance to see any of it in person. In fact the only other data center I’ve seen the inside o
6 days ago 0 comments Categories: Company Tags: TelServ, telecom, Holidays, opening hours
The end of a very successful year is coming near. A time to look back on what has been achieved. TelServ is proud on al its expansions and improvements on their global telecom services, and looks forward to all the upcoming and exiting telecom business for the next year. All our goals for the year 2014, could not have been reached without the trust of our global customers and the dedication of our hard working colleagues. So we gratefully look back at a wonderful telecom year and would like to s
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So yesterday Netflix came out in defense of its OpenConnect caching infrastructure, actually having to tell the FCC that the program isn’t a fast lane. The question had been posed by the FCC’s Ajit Pai and might seem a bit silly, but it’s a direct consequence of the way the network neutrality debate has veered off-road this year. [Read more →]
6 days ago 0 comments Categories: News Tags:
TGIF and 13 shopping days left before Christmas.  Here’s a quick look at news from across the space and around the world before you head home: [Read more →]
9 days ago 0 comments Categories: News Tags: News, Newsletter, free, telecom, updates, worldwide
TelServ likes to keep their global crowd up to date with the latest telecom news and the latest company changes. TelServ is operating worldwide, and therefore the telecom news on the website is also globally orientated. If you want to be updated regularly about the most important telecom news worldwide, please subscribe yourself to the free TelServ newsletter. Subscribe for free The newsletter is written in English and will be mailed out every two weeks. The last newsletter of this year will be
9 days ago 0 comments Categories: News Tags:
Contributed by Prayson Pate, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice-President of R&D, Overture Over-the-top (OTT) services cause fear and heartburn for wireline Communication Service Providers (CSPs) because of the revenue they take as well as the network load that they create.  Rather than fearing OTT services, CSPs should leverage new technologies such as Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NVF) to [Read more →]
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Time for a quick roundup of news from the metro and federal fronts.  Oops, it’s Thursday, not Wednesday! [Read more →]
9 days ago 0 comments Categories: News Tags:
Predictions for earnings per share for telecom vendors is always a bit of hit or miss, just because of the stochastic nature of the type of sales they make and the currency fluctuations where they make them.  Ciena finished out its fiscal 2014 today, reporting a surprise loss for the October quarter but apparently the market is happy enough there wasn’t worse news given other data lately.  Here’s a quick table of the numbers in some context: [Read more →]
10 days ago 0 comments Categories: News Tags:
Speedflow is proud to support and develop businesses in Africa. To contribute to VoIP progress in the region, Speedflow is offering  its hosted IP PBX, Calling Card and Call Shop Solutions at an unprecedented low price especially for African companies. So, if you’re an African VoIP provider looking to optimize your business and migrate to a more reliable software platform, now is the perfect time. Get maximum benefit from minimum input by choosing the most convenient SaaS solution for your
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