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If there is demand softness from carriers out there in the world, it’s not as big a problem at the DWDM layer right now at least at Infinera. The company posted its Q2 financials yesterday after the market closed, easily meeting the higher revenue guidance they had issued in April and coming up with an extra seven cents per share. [Read more →]
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From the data center space, here are a few quick takes on news from the past few days, with three from across the Atlantic, one in Texas, and one in content delivery. [Read more →]

One common problem with almost every B2B lead generation company is that there is no clear division of responsibilities between the marketing and the sales teams. As a result, neither of them is ready to take up the responsibility of qualifying the business leads that are pumped into the sales funnel, and B2B lead generation company loses so many promising opportunities. You must understand that someone in your organization has to stand up and deliver the goods by qualifying the leads more effic
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Telecom company TelServ is expanding in Oceania! We now deliver DIDs (Geo numbers) in Australia. For these DIDs there are no limitations on channels. TelServ also does not charge extra for cost per minute in Australia. Contact our sales department for a proposal on Australian DID numbers. We are also happy to offer you avoice number proposal in one of the other 140+ countries we cover.
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Level 3′s federal team has landed a high profile Network-as-a-Service contract. The Department of Homeland Security has awarded them a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract for LAN managed services under WITS-3 in the National Capital Region. [Read more →]
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In their Q2 report yesterday after the markets closed, Juniper Networks posted pretty solid numbers. Unfortunately, the ones they forecast for Q3 were not up to expectations and the stock is down 6% in premarket trading. Meanwhile they forged ahead with their streamlining plan with the sale of Junos Pulse. [Read more →]
2 days ago 0 comments Categories: News Tags: iceland, did, offer, telecom, telserv
TelServ is expanding! We now deliver DIDs (Geo numbers) in Iceland. TelServ supplies geographical numbers and the associated service provisions worldwide. Geographical numbers can be forwarded anywhere in the world through our infrastructure. Contact our sales team now for a proposal on IcelandDID numbers. We can also offer you voice numbers in one of the other 140+ countries we cover.
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The closing of the deal may be a few months off, but the management team that will lead the combined Level 3/tw telecom was announced today. We already knew Larissa Herda wouldn’t be staying on of course, leaving the top slot for Jeff Storey, but two of tw telecom’s top management will be merging in. [Read more →]
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Here’s a quick mid-week roundup of some interesting news items from this week: [Read more →]

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This Industry Viewpoint was authored by Stefan Bernbo, CEO and founder of Compuverde. The Internet of Things (IoT), an ever-expanding web of connections generating unprecedented volumes of data, holds promise as well as challenges for the telecom industry. The Open Interconnect Consortium was recently formed by a group of technology vendors to define connectivity requirements that ensure the interoperability of the more than 30 billion devices that research group IDC projects will come online by
3 days ago 0 comments Categories: News Tags:
This morning, the news is that Verizon is boosting FIOS upload speeds to match download speeds. The media is initially talking about how this is about Verizon taking on the cable giants since cable’s technology infrastructure can’t match such a thing. But I think part of the it could be another side effect of the Netflix traffic war of words. [Read more →]
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Private equity dollars earmarked for the internet infrastructure sector are increasingly getting spent over in Europe. Today the Carlyle Group announced it has not just invested in Expereo, but has taken a majority stake in the company. [Read more →]

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In an announcement today, Hibernia Networks brought their plans for a new transatlantic cable off the back burner at last. The cable system will be called the Hibernia Express, and manufacturing has already commenced over at TE SubCom. I had heard that SubCom was on the job last year, but Hibernia itself had been rather quiet about it until now. [Read more →]
4 days ago 0 comments Categories: Company Tags: telecom, sales, support
Telecom Company TelServ is growing fast lately. That is why we are looking for an International Sales Support co-worker. As a Sales Support co-worker, you will be the assistant of the Sales Management Team. Please have a look at our vacancy. (Please note that the vacancy is written in Dutch, as we are looking for a new colleague who lives in the Netherlands.) Are you interested in our vacancy, or do you know someone who is suited for the job? Please contact us.
4 days ago 0 comments Categories: News Tags:
At least one piece of the simmering interconnection dispute over Netflix data bottlenecks has been getting clearer lately. Following Netflix’s ‘crowded network’ warning message to subscribers in June, last week Verizon put out a piece demonstrating that its last mile wasn’t congested at all. And yesterday, Level 3 turned that around in a blog post, saying that Verizon’s explanation is more of an admission. [Read more →]
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BlackBerry releases its entry level Android-enabled Z3 in the Middle East this July, in direct competition with Microsoft’s new Lumia 635. “We launched the BlackBerry Z3 Jakarta Edition in Indonesia on May 13. We have been pleased with the success to date and that has encouraged us to roll it out to eight more countries, including those in the Middle East. With the BlackBerry Z3 launch, we are pleased to extend the BlackBerry 10 platform experience to a new generation of customers in the
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