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Apple reportedly keeping 30-pin dock connector on iPad 3

Japanese website Macotakara claims it has managed to obtain more parts allegedly built for the iPad 3, most notably one indicating Apple will continue to use the 30-pin dock connector shared by current iPods, iPhones, and iPads.

The other parts obtained by the site include a microphone flex cable ribbon, a power on/off flex cable, and a dock connector port. The parts were ordered from a site called, which earlier in December was discovered selling the mic cable.

While the other parts are certainly of interest, if Apple were to use dock connector with 30-pin format it would contradict an October report from Macotakara suggesting the iPad 3 might switch to a new connector, still using 30 pins but substantially smaller.

The new part tested by the site still accepts standard Apple cables, the only difference being that the connector is shorter, and cables press in slightly more shallowly.

The power cable incorporates on/off, rotation lock, and volume buttons. The mic cable, meanwhile, has been redesigned from its iPad 2 counterpart.

If the dock connector size in the iPad 3 remains the same it would be compatible with the remainder of Apple’s product lineup, something those with multiple iOS devices would certainly welcome.

[source AppleInsider]

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