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Canada PRS: Premium Rate Number market in Canada is booming!

In 2006, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) largely deregulated the Canadian telephone market, focusing on premium rate numbers (PRS). This has helped to create one of the strongest premium rate markets in the world!

Market Advantages

This robust PRS (900 number) market in Canada has unique advantages: fewer content restrictions, mobile phone access via voice short codes (pound codes), controlled chargebacks, etc. Voice short codes are vital to providing full PRS coverage because 900 numbers in Canada are not accessible from cell phones (mobile). With the accelerated growth of the Canadian mobile phone market, especially cell phone-only households, voice short codes play a vital role in providing full coverage with premium rate numbers.

Coverage & Regulations

TelServ offers Premium Rate Services in Canada, including pay per minute, pay per call, and voice short codes. Because we supply premium rate numbers in several countries, and PRS regulations are often different for each country, we use our extensive knowledge of the global telecom industry to keep our customers up to date on regulations for all the countries we cover. We currently deliver voice numbers in more than 140 countries!

Get a 900 Number NOW!

Contact our sales department for a proposal on Canada premium rate numbers. We are also happy to send you offers for voice numbers in all of the other 140+ countries we cover.   infographic630-Canada-v2

This article contains information from Premium Rate Services: International Markets and Regulation.

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