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Corporate Communications

What is Corporate Communication?

It’s a whole set of services they intend to present your company in the world, how?

With the next elements:

1. Audio-visual format.
2. Integration with social networks.
3. Positioning your video on our TV channel on the internet.
4. Positioning your video in different video portals.
5. Press Release Dissemination through the media.

We provide you more details:

Audiovisual format is shown in which the image of our business (the self, SMEs or large companies), and by which we show and we present:

* About Us.
* What we do.
* What services and products available.
* How to contact us.

Users increasingly prefer to see a video with a few minutes to provide us all the information you need before you surf from page to page and read each of them looking for information we want to know. Thus, in a video of 2 or 3 minutes we can condense all this information and make visitors to our website to learn quickly what we do, what are the advantages of contracting with us and of course how quickly contact us.

Also, think about the value of video to explain the new product or service at any time put to the market.

What should a corporate video?

A corporate video must meet certain basic conditions such as:

* Simple and clear.
* With direct messages.
* Set span.
* Nice to see and hear, unpretentious and attractive elements that distract us from the commercial message to be conveyed.
* With our best image.
* With the image of our products, our company and our services.
* And never miss our contact details.

Also you can / should:

* To be created in more than one language so that we access the market is becoming increasingly broad.
* To be placed in Social Networks.
* Be located in channels of Internet TV.

How can you get your corporate video?

If you can not have it in a very simple and quick, and it already positioned in social networks and video portals.

If you want to have your own corporate video, we take care of it all:

* Create it.
* Disclose (we report to you on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, BUZZ.).
* Located (we got on video platforms such as QUIEROMITV, YouTube, Metacafe, BlipTV, DAILYMOTION.)
* Located in the TV channel we have created (on the grill and a la carte) and through which to publicize all the videos of companies that we create.
* Disclose by press release to major media.

In addition:

* Very fast.
* A minimum cost:
or 59 Euros: if we receive all the information required by the Customer:
+ Company logo.
+ Images inserted into the video.
+ Text to insert in the video.
+ Other elements they see fit.
or 89 Euros, if we are to capture and prepare all the necessary elements for the video.
or 20 Euros for each additional video modification that we requested.
or 38 Euros for the realization of the same video in a second language (with standard characters.)
o From 160 Euros to send a Press.

These costs include the creation of video in a format like the one you see in the video that you then disclosure in Social Networks and Portals Videos installation.

We can make a more professional video and complex if your company needs, but so far have not provided a corporate video we recommend you start with a model as a starting offer you more affordable and fast, so you can go see gradually the influence it has on your business. From there, you yourself will decide which is the format that best suits your needs.

What do we need to make your corporate video?

1. You contact us HERE.
2. To accept payment of the full service we offer.
3. Send us your logo and images (photographs and videos) you want to include in the video.
4. Send us a corporate presentation (or the product you want the video) in Power Point or Word.
5. You indicate the address of your website or blog.
6. Tell us the contact details you want your customers or potential customers should know.

So easy, and in no time you can have your own corporate video. Once completed send you:

* The need to insert code into your website or blog to display.
* The video itself.
* The relationship of social networks in which their existence has been published.
* The list of video portals where you can view your video.

Want to know more about how?

Just contact us, you know,

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