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FTTx FTTH EPON Triple-play Solutions

FTTx FTTH EPON Triple-play Solutions Ethernet + VoIP + CATV Total Solutions SUN Telecom’s SUN-GE9100 series OLT featured with high reliability, flexible, easy maintain. It can support 8 GEPON PON ports and connect 512 remote ONU mostly (by 1:64 splitter), and provides 8 GE optical/electrical uplink interfaces. SUN-GE9100 OLT is an idea device applied to FTTB/FTTP/FTTH access solutions. SUN-GE9100-FTTx-FTTH-Triple-Play-OLT Specifications Parameters Specifications SUN-GE9100-R Rack Chassis Main Card Slot Number 1 PON Card Slot Number 4 Fan Slot Number 1 Power Module Number 2 Dust Screen Number 2 Dimensions: 2U, 19-inch, Depth: 41.9cm Hot-swappable Support Weight (kg) 18 Working Temp. (°C) 0 ~ 50 SUN-GE9100-M Main Card Main Function Layer 2 switch and management Upstream Port Number 8 Upstream Interface Type SFP Upstream Interface Physical Type 10/100/1000BASE-T or 1000BASE-SX or 1000BASE-LX Local Management Interface (Console) Function: Local management with CLI Default speed: 9600bits/s Out Band Management Interface Interface: RJ45 Physical Type: 10BASE-T

FTTX FTTH Network Solutions GEPON

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FTTH FTTx Solutions
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