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Father’s Day – Initiating a Strange & Selfish “Father” who able to do anything’s for his own benefit,

By: Mohammad Wahid Abdullah Khan

Author speech::

The extraordinary cheating degradation become a news broadcast, but this below astonishing, shocking cheating & dishonest “sketch stern” victim cant unable to write or note down anything’s regarding this cheating & dishonest happened because this is completely exceptional cheating narrative, last 02 years victim has been tried to representation this but he couldn’t !! - the reason that when he tried to write down on the subject of his Sub-conscious mind or he imagined may be that was dreadful dream or some things else, how can a Father & whole family member’s can done this type of cheating & hazardous tricks with a person” in favor of takeover few money & assets of “Victim” they all are psychologically ill & harmful although abnormal person never done this type of tricks this is not only a shocking cheating & dishonest behavior too “

As a author of this dishonest “sketch stern” I consider by a professional killer & slaughterer couldn’t done this kind Inhumanities occurred - its impossible for them because they’re a professional killer but they has minimum humanities, but a group of heartless, cold-blooded & unfeeling done, These immoral harmful psychological ill people used of the highest level of inhumanities work bottom on ugly mind and conduct used by pre-planet, murderer and main leader (Cocktail khan) of this strange story stimulated everyone in the point of view of his personal "Jealous, Liars and cheaters” the main planner Cocktail khan “sanctioned psychology ill” he taken mental treatment also he is unlimited greedy, characterless and shameless one, but he always try to advertising & showing that he is good person through his own way ,which is not only different too interesting joking ones , because he make out he is the rubbish one & cheater as a result he doing this interesting stimulate ,

At last today (on June 16, 2013) I note down just summary (Part – 01) of the hideous story on behalf of “victim” may be this is the “add up to – no-01” ugly kidnapping, robbery & captured assets happened of The 21st Century most Unusual & Evil tricks in the world wide, those done by the stupid harmful classless, lair, & sub- human being persons,


If children accompaniments up being bad citizens, bad parents, and bad workers. Culture can culpability their parents for murders, rapes, eliminations, child abuse cases, and all kinds of crimes we can see everyday on “TV news” and in “Daily newspapers” Therefore, I think the different societies all over the world should look for better methods to bring up their children. Otherwise nobody will be able to live near his neighbors in the near future.

Same as children any extraordinary achievement & successes Society canister increase their parents as a proud parents, although this triumph issue parents not related for this “children” success but they use the advantage, even though this victory self-interested parents never declare their not hold up behavior, most of the case they are expose them-self as a conquest parent, Shame….Very Shameful….!!

But in the opposite to when a children done bad activities that time this type of parents easily announce we try to make him/her as a good person, we will try to provide our highest level of sustain but we cant, where is the different both issue,? Parent one advantage enthusiastically acknowledge their contribution & another one parents ignore the blame, because they are thinking own assistance, but most of the achievement and unusual tricks definitely depends parents performance, if they try to pass up it would be play game with authority, society & law, self-centered & cheaters parents easily do that,

It is 100% correct. Parents should be able to straight their children in the direction of their future. Because the parents have given birth to the child and have to raise them up. Without the parents the child wouldn't even be alive. It is essential for parents execute to their child's hope. This is also 100% correct the child will become spoiled and disrespectful. If Parents will markdown the shore-up although they have the potential or able to provide necessary contribution for build up their child’s career, aim, academic & professional dream but while they thoughts personal or own, at the side of they would like to return from their child before complete his/her education, or start his/her career, definitely they are money hunger, stupid parents & brainless evaluator,


If parents overlook everything’s for their duties & responsibly only thinking own benefit, like – not expend money for their child’s education, not concur to provide perfect accommodations, and keep everything’s in their hand, base on children gone good or bad way but our/my ( Parents) asset and money in my own I will use it in future, ( may be after their death they think they will be provide “graveyard” rent or need food or so on, Illiterate parents or selfish stupid parents canister this kind of things base on their own benefit, they can do anything’s even they can “kill or sale” their child for their profit,

I am apology’s to most of honorable parents & I would like to notify this type of stupid parent are few, and below described 01 ( parent > stupid Father out of few parents) hideous conduct , but few quantity parents doing this type of tricks in the world, majority parents never this type of tricks because they become real parents, they all are sincere their children education, Aim, professional ambition, not only money or assets they can give up their own life for their children, and after achievement children also provide and try to give everything’s for his parents, because he/she learned what is parents duty, beside he also learned what is my duty & responsibilities to parents, and opposite discusses “ Parent (Father) can destroy his son life for his profit…(!!!)

Main phase:

In this articles I would like to approach “Factual Story on behalf of “victim” throughout my personal approach, a parents how can spoil their son life, valuable time, career, aim & dream through ugly unsightly hideous tricks by own benefit and greedy mentality, he is cheater, selfish stupid & peculiar for all parents-society in the world, the Illiterate parents never understand that everyone see a future dream this is usual but when some one attached or packed with the dream he/she never forget “this dream” in his life, while Father violate his commitment, & forget son’s contributions, beside blocked son/daughter dream that moment how much painful for long time broken dream by cheater’s Father in support of a son & daughter, stupid, cheater, ( Abnormal Cocktail khan), motivator & selfish father never realize his son & daughter mind, this is one kind of murder or kill his son & daughter, the cheater & greedy characterless, Father done this with his another son who is equal to same cheater, kidnaper liar, & mentally ill. that time victim can finished his own life for broken this dream, that he have been bring 16 years, when 19 years gone that time he almost established his career & become financial sound, in that moment cheater, greedy, & abnormal stupid Cocktail khan done this ugly happen foot on "Jealous” this Cocktail khan also criminal, cheater, he cheat with the “Bangladesh government” through violate & hide his illegal profession,

My clear opinion a Father doesn’t mean he is innocent, guiltless, clean & free from all of violence perform, Like - angel or archangel – while one human after become a father he never cant any unsocial, uncultured, cheating and illegal activities I don’t believe with logical ground, my personal opinion this is not usual, this is entirely unusual, I think most of father’s are fair at least with his son & daughter, but few father’s doing cheating and illegal stupid tricks, with his son & daughter and said stupid Father has cheated with his son its nasty & shameful for all of real father in the society,

after become a father we think ( Bangladeshi) he become like angel in our country set of laws or law enforcement officer in standpoint or judge here use incorrectly or they eagerly use wrongly , Like as, - when a Father knock to police stations and informed come to my home, and handover to polices of his son, as a ground my son is terrorist, violence & so on than law enforcement officer of Bangladesh arrest the son base only victim father opinion, and media, “news paper” published the news with an appreciated majestic father, he is the honest, rear, & remarkable he handover his son to law enforcement, this father done appreciated work, authority, enforcement officer, law, court never try to judge the actuality ? & TV news & Daily newspapers published this & everyone can see.

But what is the reality? the reality this victim/ son also more truth then his father, this son may be saw his father is characterless, nondescript, or recognized he is related illegal activities and promote his another son’s continuing their illegal business because he need money its come from fair or unfair don’t bother, but “ victim/son ” what destructive for not only his family also society too unethical activities, this victim/son ethically unable to discuses anyone in the society, law enforcement, anywhere that he saw & recognized his father is characterless, nondescript, as result he( son) argument or quarrel with his father and certainly rudely this is natural & of course logical, I hope reader & leaner will find which kind of activities done by stupid that I just indicate formally,

That time this character less & unlimited liar father take the both opportunities

(01). Become a idol father

(02). Hide his all veil, shameful, nasty & characterless activities, by apply fake depiction, this father also sub-human being he can do anything’s, so only a father belief is accurate & enough? No…. I think so,

Then arise questions that I bellow for my logic / good judgment & measure up to & standpoint or judge of Bangladesh law enforcement officer.

(01). “Most or minor “War Criminal” (RAZAKAR) are become father before the revolting razaker behavior,

(02). the murderer’s of “the Father of Nation “Bangabandhu Sheikh Mozibur Rahman” honorable ex-president of Bangladesh, may be one or another murderer’s was become father before the ugly acuities in the 21 century,

Now I wish to take legal action against from Bangladesh low / court./ rules regulations that my Father also murderer, cheater, violate the Bangladesh government law, related with illegal activities & I am witness, too my Father’ s brother is listed “ Razakar” also he is liar to create any situation on behalf of himself, fake and cheater one, also razaker ground my witness & some evidence then law enforcement & court accept my opinion? If no..! Why not?

I am enough maturate and educated than my stupid father, I have a social status, professional status, not bring fake sample like my father, he is authorized by the Bangladesh government to give 01 vote not 02..! . As a Bangladeshi citizen government has give me the same status I will give also 01 vote not higher or lower than my stupid father,

if I want to take legal action against him & want to support foundation of Bangladesh government rules regulations, for treatment his ugly, nasty and psychological disorder, it would be interesting or funny matters for law and enforcement officers, if a cheater father can take this advantage as a citizen of Bangladesh why I wouldn’t take this advantage from an Bangladeshi law, rules and regulations, I am enough maturate too educated and I want good community, with evidence I want to help appropriate person, fragment, my father is so harmful person, just bring or use emotional wear and motivate public through perceptive expression but just outlook never judge him or anyone, and he had lot of illegal , ethic less dealings by one law enforcement officer direct support, also I have the evidence, the father require to treatment & legal action, I wish to do that for society , country & fair situations of our up-coming society & peoples,

Otherwise I want to ignore him from my life without any advantage via common law or base on Islami law, anyone suggest me what can I do? I suffer lot in my life for this nasty sub-human being, I feel dishonorable for him, so right now I have ignore him and stay single, I wish to cut up every relations and identity by official, & permanently

Islamic Law

Islamic life is determined by the Shari'a (the Way), which is Islamic law, even if in the strict sense of the word it is much more than “LAW”, as it includes instructions for every aspect of life, ranging from rituals, way of life, and behavior to family law–including the behavior and constitutional rights of children. The primary source of the Shari'a is the Qur'an, which is measured to be the straight and unmediated word of “ALLAH”

Although there is only one Shari'a, there are minor differences in the constitution of the Shari'a between the Sunnis and Shi'is. These dissimilarities are due on the one hand to different explanations of the Qur’an manuscript, known as tafsir (sing.), and on the other to legal explanations, or fiqh (sing.), by the jurist’s. This exercise is known as knowledge of the law (usulal-fiqh).

Here is vital that above cheater father overlook the Islamic Law although he is “Hajji” not expend by fair income, also he never change his character. Thinking, too with no trouble he can speak warren & make lot of false, fake history & showing illness drama,

Duties of Parents

Islam considers children to be helpless and dependent beings. Therefore, Islamic law provides miscellaneous rules for the protection of their body and property. According to these rules both parents have well-defined duties toward their children before they reach the age of maturity. In Islamic system of descent is the rule, so these duties are current upon an established parenthood resulting in mutual rights of legacy, responsibility, and continuation.

The Family

It must be remembered that Islam encompasses many different cultures, so it is difficult to generalize about the rights of children in present-day Islamic countries. But it can be seen that within Islamic law there are exact rights and duties granted to children. Although most modern-day Islamic societies have integrated parts of the Shari'a into their creation, they have not necessarily included all rights accorded to children by Islam. However, there is one institution in most Islamic societies that is of great importance in the upbringing of children, the extended family system.

The number of people living in one household varies according to the economic status of the family. But the minimum number would include grandparents in addition to the nuclear family and any unmarried siblings. This often results in early indulgence of the child. The child spends a considerable amount of time with its mother and is breast-fed on demand. It also receives much affection and pampering from its mother, father, older siblings, and other members of the extended family.

This father’s elder son the “great man” (Abnormal one & the main planner of shaped the unsightly story -Cocktail khan) first violate the Islam law & Islamic family tradition, but he is the perfect person ground he able to simulate everyone through liar, drama, & conspiracy

Social Justice

After we have dealt with the Justice of Allah we now switch over to social justice. Since the subject of social justice has a wider range we confine ourselves to quoting relevant matters from the Holy Qur'an, the traditions, and have at the same time given explanation of every verse and tradition because these will help project our view-point on relevant matters and their knowledge will be beneficial to the people in general.

The purpose of our discussion on social justice is to mention those verses of the Holy Qur'an and the traditions through which the Holy Qur'an and our perfect Imams have given instruction of equality of mankind in the eyes of the law and of conservation of their rights. They have also illegal unwarranted unfairness, cruelties and exploitation. Apart from this we have quoted the examples of just circulation of wealth, Islamic brotherhood and fraternity set by the Holy Prophet of Islam.

Justice in All Islamic Laws

Islam is an institution of justice and moderation. It is a straight path and the Muslim union is the nation which practices moderation and justice. The Islamic system is based on justice. If there are tears for the oppressed then there are swords for the oppressors. If it gives importance to conservation of physical health, it also stresses on our religious clarification and moral enlistment. If it ordains the offering of prayers, it also orders paying zakat (religious tax). If it asks us to love and respect the pious people, it also insists on hatred against the enemies of Allah. If it lays stress on acquiring knowledge it also considers the performance of noble deeds as compulsory. If it commands us to have faith and trust in Allah, but not for public eye wash, it also advises us

To make efforts to achieve our objects. If it allows acquisition of personal wealth and property, it also forbids taking undue advantage of ownership and damaging the interest of other people. If it recommends exclusive an offender it also insists on enforcement of punitive laws and making no remissions in punishments.


So far I know If a parents (fully matured) self-willed & Father or Mother & his domineer has been diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), this scenario may sound much too familiar.  According to the Diagnostics and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth Ed., oppositional defiant disorder can cause clinical impairment in social, academic, or occupational functioning, and is characterized by a recurrent pattern of negativistic, defiant, disobedient and hostile behavior toward authority figures which persists for a period of at least six months.

Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) persons never understand that - Parents often tend to want their children to be like them or not do something because they never had a chance to. It's not the parent's life, it's the child's. The child has to learn to make decisions of their own in life and then deal with the consequences. Parents need to let go a little bit and let their offspring live their lives. If they're happy with what they decide for their future, then that's all that matters.

01. Let the child decide for his/her future- Let him/her live her/his life. Parents? Yeah, they might have raised and supported you from birth till they can, but still when they're old, children will be adults living their own lives and dreams and they'll be the ones supporting their parents. It is much easier if they live a happy life than to live a life that their parents dream of having.

02. No, parents should not play a role in deciding the future of their children - “I hate you, you’re such a bitch, and I am too going / want to this…!  You promised me the past, and if I can’t going / want to do this today, I’m not getting ready for my aim or dream, in this moment this is ethically illegal and out of the ordinary of a responsible parents, that crushing beat reaction enclosed parent or Father,

03. Many authorities on parenting have indicated that oppositional behavior is more common when makeup in the home is out of balance – when there is either too much structure or not enough.  In an overly structured environment the parenting is inflexible and unbendable.  These parents “micromanage” and come down hard on their children, controlling every aspect of their lives.  This particular style of parenting only serves to create more opposition and defiance.  On the other hand, structure that is too loose can also cause difficulties. Children can reveal oppositional insubordinate behavior when parents do not provide enough constitution by setting appropriate boundaries, or establishing and following through with cost for misbehavior.  These parents usually give in to all of their child’s demands, either out of fear of the child, or in an effort to keep themselves in the child’s exceptional refinements.  In order to prevent or reduce oppositional defiant behavior parents should aim towards a firm and loving parenting style in which the structure is balanced.  Parents must take charge, and place themselves at the top of the family chain of command.  They must use their authority as parents and, at the same time, make the child feel protected, appreciated and soothed.

04. Think about your survival, how long can you endure really oppositional key pushing?  When you get to the end of your lead, what are your options?  It is critical not to take what your young person says personally.  As soon as you defend yourself,

05. Recognize whether your parent takes your successes and/or failures personally- A controlling person or somebody who likes to do things incorrectly, most of the time. A lot of times, psychologically ill parents – want to do illegal or wrong for their own think that time “ Victim “ should strong positions in his dream no adjust with evil person or his thinking,

How to Deal With Impossible People

01. Establish your independence as early as possible. You may have to "play along" until you go to college. But if you are very smart (and most children of controlling people are - because controlling people are usually really smart, too), you will study hard in school and give yourself lots of options for college. Even if you go to school locally, it's suggested that you try to live on-campus in the dorms, or anyplace other than your parents' home. Get a job and help with your own living expenses (this is where that great GPA you had to earn comes in really handy - if you can get some scholarships to pay for tuition, you just need to come up with living money). The sooner you get out from under the shadow of a controlling parent, the sooner the parent will have no choice but to recognize your Declaration of Independence, and ratchet back the controlling behaviors.

02. Learn how to avoid being controlled through anger. Some parents control their family and/or individual members with their anger. They really lose their temper, lose all self-control, and the result is no discussion. People are afraid to voice an opinion contrary to the angry parent because they fear what will happen ("Just does it - we don't want him getting angry again."). This is how anger is used to control you. If you can talk to this parent, ask for the 3 minute rule approach. This is how this is done:

03. Remember that your life is yours alone (when you are over 18 and on your own). Your parents made their choices and had their chances, and it is your turn to make your own choices and decisions - and, yes - mistakes. If you cannot find the strength to live your own life, you will not be happy in the end. But for as long as possible, do take advantage of the comfort of being able to take risks, approved by your parents, while still under their parachute.

04. You only have to put up with being controlled as long as you are obliged to your parents. Once you establish your own independence, by getting a job and paying your own way, it's much harder to control you.


01. Sometimes parental control can become parental abuse. Don't let it turn into violence. Know what your options are and get help if this is the case. Childs can aggression in the last time,

02. If your controlling parent is an alcoholic, addict or codependent abuser, seek out Al-Anon for support. Others who have lived with the same situation can help you judge what to do to protect your common sense.

03. If your controlling parent becomes violent, report this to your doctor or law enforcement, get the police, and get help from outside the home. No one should have to live in fear of violence. Should be physically commanding & brain power beat with them,


(01). psychologically ill: Elder son Cocktail khan’s is psychologically ill, abnormality like – unbelievable greedy mind, shameless selfish, ugly, dirty, & evil thoughts, etc but I didn’t guess this is psychological disorder,

he was admitted him in hospital on 1998 (Rash Mono hospital, Moghbazar, another place & doctor) cocktail was taken a psychological & physical treatment, but sad to notify of all reader he didn’t any development, (still this date & evidence, in my memory) while he become a certificate holder but not educated, he become a unflattering, critical, & ugly. Now I can announce with in no doubt still he has no ethics, no humanities he didn’t know what the meaning of responsibility and duties, manner is?

(02) 2nd son - this stupid father’s 2nd son is theft & cheater broker, this 2nd son theft “ Victim” cash money through duplicate key made, theft cheque book, & ATM card in absence of victim, what is the punishment of this thief, below Islamic Law Reference,

Theft: As to the thief, male or female, cut off their hands as a reward of their own deeds, and as an exemplary punishment from God. For God is Mighty and Wise. But whoever repents and mends his ways after committing this crime shall be pardoned by Allah. Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. (5:38-9)

The law which has been stated in the above mentioned verses is based on the following clauses:

The punishment of amputating the hands is prescribed for a thief, both male (Sariq) and female (Sariqah). According to linguistic principles, the words Sariq and Sariqah are adjectives and denote thoroughness and completeness in the characteristics of the verb they qualify. Consequently, they can only be used for the type of Sarqah which can be called a theft and the one who commits it is called a thief. In other words, if a child steals a few rupees from his father’s pocket, or a wife pinches some money from her husband, or if a person steals something very ordinary, or plucks some fruit from his neighbor’s orchard, or carries away something valuable which has been left unprotected, or drives away an unattended grazing animal, or commits this ignoble offence owing to some need or compulsion, then, no doubt all these are unworthy acts and should be punished, but, certainly, they cannot be classified as acts of theft which the above given verse qualifies. Consequently, the Prophet (sws) is reported to have said:

03. Rapist: This stupid father’s another one son also rapist Cheater, illiterate & this rapist don’t know what is the meaning of manner and unable to judge education level,

Islamic Law Against rapist - (Zina unlawful relationships) our beloved prophet (PBUH) was on journey to heavens and in this journey he saw many punishments including of adultery. In the hadeeth of Samurah (may Allah be pleased with him) it says - “So we went on, and came to something like a tannoor (a kind of oven, lined with clay, usually used for baking bread).  – I think the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, in that oven there was much noise and voices. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) added:  - We looked into it and saw naked men and women. A flame of fire was reaching them from underneath, and when it reached them, they cried out loudly. I asked them, ‘Who are these?’ … The naked men and women whom you saw in a structure that resembled an oven are the adulterers and adulteresses.”

Last part: For This stupid father & his secreted prominent person back-up first lower class theft become A Robber than boom blaster & drug business man at last national most wanted terrorist, and a blameless, honest person become addicted, drug dealer ( as stupid father belief)

About The Author:

Mohammad Wahid Abdullah Khan (MBA, CPFA, CPIA, CFC)

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Home Page:

MOHAMMAD WAHID ABDULLAH KHAN Dhaka, Bangladesh, is a PhD Candidate in "Criminal Psychology" as well he is “freelance Author, online columnists, Human psychoanalyst, industrial psychotherapist, Certified Financial Consultant, & Certified Forensic Accountant, too dynamic entrepreneur, utilize creativity leadership and teamwork to design and execute solutions that creates customer value.

Moreover Mr. Khan is CEO & Certified Consultant of” Wahid & co, Wak Business Solutions, Wak Business Support, “Wam Associates” & leader of the” Wahid Consulting Group”; Prior to consultancy Mr. Wahid has fulfilled more than 14 (fourteen) years working in various fields of Business like - Accounts, Finance, Auditing (Internal & External Audit), Project budgeting and Project costing related positions in some of the largest group & join venture companies in Bangladesh. Which experience encouraged him to work as a “professional consultant” from a few years,

Mr. Khan is realistic and implements his assignment within the bounds, objectives and capabilities of the organization. His extraordinary quick understanding of strategic options helps find direction and supports management in decision making. He has a “doer” attitude and gets things done on the technical and functional side. As a “Consultant” Mr. Wahid believe that his study & physiological motivation is very strong, as well my confident level is high & my quantitative skills are well-built also he is crystal clear about my every single goal which helped me to be a very tough contestant “Consultant” in the business consultant arena

Professional Membership:

• Associate Member – Institute of Management Consultants Bangladesh (IMCB)

•Member- Association of Proposal Management Professionals® (APMP®)

• Member – The Next level Purchasing Association.

•Member- The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

• Member - The Professional Risk manager’s international Association (PRMIA)

• Affiliate Member- Global Association of Risk Professional (GARP)

• Member - The International Association of Risk and Compliance Professionals (IARCP)

• Lifetime Member - Dragon fire martial arts association “International” (DFMAA)

• Individual Member: License Logic LLC

• Associate Membership - The American Psychological Association (APA)

• Member - The Global Community of Information Professionals

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