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LG G Pro 2 won’t be available in the U.S. before April

The newly announced LG G Pro 2 will initially be available in South Korea later this month, after which it will hit few other Asian markets where people apparently dig big screen phones, aka phablets.

According to LG’s own research, Americans tend to go for devices that measure roughly 5.2 inches, whereas European customers prefer slightly smaller smartphones that pack 5-inch displays.

So it’s not surprising LG isn’t in a hurry to bring the G Pro 2 to the West. It’s not like the original Optimus G Pro‘s sales reached millions. Quite the contrary, despite its rock-solid specs that still make it a great device, LG failed to move a significant number of units (though we don’t have that figures). Its successor, however, is much better product and we’re hoping this time round it will be available in many other markets. As a reminder, the LG Optimus G Pro never managed to reach the Old Continent. We’ll see whether some things will change this year. Are you looking forward to grab the LG G Pro 2?


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