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Mohammad Wahid Abdullah Khan (Internal Auditing Coach) Profile

Mohammad Wahid Abdullah Khan (CFA, CFC, CFA, MBA)

Wahid Set

CEO & Certified Consultant,


MOHAMMAD WAHID ABDULLAH KHAN Dhaka, Bangladesh, PhD Candidate in "Criminal Psychology" as well he is freelance author, online columnists, Human psychoanalyst, industrial psychotherapist, Certified Financial Consultant, & Certified Forensic Accountant, too dynamic entrepreneur, utilize creativity leadership and teamwork to design and execute solutions that creates customer value.

Moreover Mr. Khan is CEO & Certified Consultant of” Wahid & co, Wak Business Solutions, Wak Business Support, “Wam Associates” & leader of the “Wahid Consulting Group”; Prior to consultancy Mr. Wahid has fulfilled more than 13 (thirteen) years working in various fields of Business like - Accounts, Finance, Auditing (Internal & External Audit), Project budgeting and Project costing related positions in some of the largest group & join venture companies in Bangladesh. Which experience encouraged him to work as a “professional consultant” from a few years,

Mr. Khan is realistic and implements his assignment within the bounds, objectives and capabilities of the organization. His extraordinary quick understanding of strategic options helps find direction and supports management in decision making. He has a “doer” attitude and gets things done on the technical and functional side. As a “Consultant”

As Financial & Management Consultant he has been Providing Training and consultancy services to clients and business sector, an energetic and enthusiastic management consultant and trainer with cosmic experience & directing in mid & large business owners and services professional. Solid background in financial analysis and marketing with strong emphasis on financial & management Accounts. Consistently exceed sales goals and customer service expectations.

Mr. Wahid believe that his study & physiological motivation is very strong, as well my confident level is high & my quantitative skills are well-built also he is crystal clear about my every single goal which helped me to be a very tough contestant “Consultant” in the business consultant arena

Author Mr. Mohammad Wahid Abdullah Khan

An energetic and enthusiastic management consultant and trainer with cosmic experience in management and directing mid & large business owners and services professional, solid background in financial analysis and marketing with strong emphasis on financial & management Accounts. Consistently exceed sales goals and customer service expectations. Skilled in developing and implementing standardized policies & procedures. Problem concerned with policy, organizations procedures and methods. The consultancy work involves organizational structure and development, production management, financial accounting, Management accounting, marketing, sales and distributions, personnel management selections.

At the side of his consultancy and business, he is too a regular author of various international journals, on the based of finance, accounting ,auditing , costing & budgeting there are more than550 articles & case studies has published in different international journals. Mr. Khan is also co-author of the book, “The complete performance Management” furthermore author of the 1st time particular internal Auditing book in Bangladesh that is “Internal auditing for one & all


My specializations and vast professional Expertise in • Investigations, both criminal and civil, • Giving oral evidence in court, •Disputes between partners, •Bankruptcy, •General
Commercial legal action, •Financial Risk Assessment, •Financial analysis, •Project Cost Analysis. •Auditing (Internal & External Audit), •Project budgeting and project costing of Financial •Accounts. Personnel management selections & Trainings Strategic planning

Professional Membership:

• Associate Member – Institute of Management Consultants Bangladesh (IMCB)

• Member- Association of Proposal Management Professionals® (APMP®)

• Member – The Next level Purchasing Association.

• Member- The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

• Member - The Professional Risk manager’s international Association (PRMIA)

• Affiliate Member- Global Association of Risk Professional (GARP)

• Member - The International Association of Risk and Compliance Professionals (IARCP)

• Lifetime Member - Dragon fire martial arts association “International” (DFMAA)

• Individual Member: License Logic LLC

• Associate Membership - The American Psychological Association (APA)

• Member - The Global Community of Information Professionals

Publications: published more than 550 articles & case studies in the” Journal of Accountancy” and world top ranking articles directories (ezenearticle, articlesbase, articlereload, & ezenemark) Achieved as a top listed author of (International Online Journal, World Ranking-02) the world ranking & most popular articles are,

Khan Mohammad Wahid Abdullah - “planning, programming and budgeting system model (PPBS Model) - international finance- >2926704.html July 2010,

Khan Mohammad Wahid Abdullah - Wak model – the way of best solution for an organization internal audit process, (Part-1st, 2nd, 3rd,)-customer service- >3190111-3190132-3190146.september 2010,

Khan Mohammad Wahid Abdullah - Wahid theory – the key of dynamic series for successful financial consulting, (Part-1st, 2nd, 3rd,) -customer service->3225448. September 2010,

Khan Mohammad Wahid Abdullah - Wahid techniques – the significance and dependability manner for performance audit (Part-1st, 2nd, 3rd,) -customer service-> 3389696.3460128.2506507. October2010,

Khan Mohammad Wahid Abdullah - Wahid’s opinion - non-conformity among the performance audit and financial audit-customer service->3536057 October2010,

Khan Mohammad Wahid Abdullah - Wahid’s view- The cogent task and the confront of financial/economic analysis in the modern business decision making-customer service-> 3581791October2010,

Khan Mohammad Wahid Abdullah - “Financial analysis Techniques & tools which are designed for analyzing the market & invest right way for maximized profit –personal finance -> 3478742 October 2010,

Khan Mohammad Wahid Abdullah - Wahid’s outlook - The Business Financial Analysis Should Be Included several required Documents with the analysis report or plan –personal finance -> 3587999 November 2010,


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Contact Information:

Phone : 88-02-0182925271-75

Address : 226 Fakirapool Satter Plaza, 2nd Floor

City : Dhaka:

Zip Code : 1000

Country : Bangladesh

Email :

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