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Nokia buys “Smarterphone”, makers of a feature phone operating system for sub $75 devices

It’s just been revealed that back in November of last year Nokia purchased a Norwegian software company called “Smarterphone”. The details of the transaction aren’t yet available, and there isn’t even a press release on Nokia’s website. The little information we do have comes from Smarterphone’s website. Egil Kvaleberg, CEO of Smarterphone, says:

“Globally, there are 4 billion mobile phone users. Despite all the attention given to high end smartphones, the majority of the 4 billion can not afford such a device. With Smarterphone OS, inexpensive phones can be smart, too. Their users are just as keen to have easy and natural access to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as users of high end phones.”

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Ganesh Srinivasan 07.01.2012 5 1829
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    Thank you for this information

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    I am with you David.

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    Thanks Ganesh,

    I am waiting full details about this...

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  •  David Romars: 

    this is a very important hidden upddate about nokia strategy toward the smart phones.

    It may be that they are just buying them in order to remove any competition from thier way.

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