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Orange loses bid for logo exclusivity in Spain

Court refuses to allow mobile operator to protect its orange square brand after complaint from Jazztel.

Orange does not have the exclusive right to use an orange square as its logo in Spain, the country's Supreme Court has ruled.

The mobile operator registered its orange square as a trademark in Spain some years ago, but was met with opposition from rival firm Jazztel, which also sports an orange logo, El Pais reported on Monday.

The pair have been thrashing it out through legal channels since 2009, but the Supreme Court only made its ruling in December, a ruling that was made public on Monday, the Spanish newspaper explained.

The court declared that the colour orange is one of the most common available and therefore cannot be restricted in its use. It made a similar judgement on the square shape of the logo.

While orange claimed to have strong brand recognition for the orange square – a fact disputed by the court – Jazztel's case hinged on the fact that the orange square, with no other ornamentation, was essentially too basic to be protected.

Despite the fact that Orange successfully trademarked its logo in France, the court agreed with Jazztel.

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