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Should IT and Network Converge?
Should IT and Network Converge?
1548 days ago 0 comments Categories: Technology Tags: Frameworx, Convergence, eTOM

In Manila last week doing some training.  By the end of the week my new “associates” had worn me out with so many questions about the Business Process Framework (eTOM).  Four of the days focused on the eTOM.

While I was there I continued comparing local food to my existing “standard”.  My last blog compared the Singapore version of chicken wings to my “standard”, buffalo chicken wings.  In Manila when I saw nachos on a restaurant’s menu I had to give them a try.  For those of you not familiar with nachos (hopefully not many of you!) here is a link… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nachos.

If you took a look at the pictures in the link, you will see one of the challenges faced when attacking a plate full of these gastric delights.  Where to start eating them since they appear to be an interwoven set of chips and toppings.

One of the speakers at the recent Singapore Management World Asia 2012 alluded to a similar challenge faced by our industry.  Delivering services, such as platform as a service, software as a service, and infrastructure as a service, requires a mix of traditional network infrastructure and Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, which includes computing networks.

The speaker’s suggested solution to this form of interweaving was to consider converging the organizations that are responsible for managing these networks.  The TM Forum Frameworx concept of a Resource includes three types - network, computing, and applications.  Frameworx could facilitate this convergence via its base sets of Resource-oriented processes, information, applications, and interfaces.  Each could be specialized as needed for the various types of Resources within a converged organization.

Perhaps it is time…

Oh, and my solution to the nacho challenge.  The chips at the bottom of the pile don’t have toppings.  So I pull them out first and scoop some of the toppings from the top of the pile onto the chip.  And repeat as desired!

Off to China next week to do some work.  Look for some new culinary adventures and such the week after.

Until then…

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