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TelServ fully licensed operator in Switzerland, benefit now!

Since March 2014 TelServ has become a fully licensed operator with it’s own infrastructure In Switzerland. This occurrence proves TelServ’s strong position in the telecom market. With the acquisition of this interconnection, TelServ is now able to directly supply and sell shared cost numbers, DID numbers, toll free numbers, and premium rate numbers in Switzerland.

TelServ likes to share this advantage with their global clients. That is why TelServ offers the best conditions. This means:

  • Better payouts
  • No extra charge for tariff announcement
  • Free Termination on VoIP/SIP
  • No setup fee for numbers

Surely there are more things that add up on why you should transfer to TelServ. We suggest you test one number with us so you can convince yourself. Benefit now! Contact our sales department and get your special offer today.

TelServ fully licensed operator in Switzerland

Marco Dunhof 27.08.2014 0 2469
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