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By: Mohammad Wahid Abdullah Khan

There is no relationship stands with lifetime guarantee. As of my understanding, only the relationship between ‘mother & child’ is unparallel and uncountable. It the only integral relation stands from the earth starts on. This is the only common relation in all of the species. There are not enough words to state the gratefulness of a mother. As a child, I would liked to acquire this opportunity to salute all the mothers of the world, “A Happy Mothers Day”

The child has to respect the mother around whole year. Unfortunately, at present due to some unavoidable circumstances the child become unable to tribute their mother everyday. The whole world commonly locates this day to demonstrate a mother’s gratefulness. This is how this day turned out as a huge day of the year.

The question appears; what is relationship?

I believe that a relationship is a connection between two or more person and objects. If we look up to the world, it would declare the status of being connected or the status in which two or more perceptions, people, or objects are connected. We came to know about ‘what a relationship is. How about we converse concerning the different kinds involving people. In a social there are different kinds of relation such as Father/Mother/Sister/Brother & etc.

“Mother's Day” is to glorification of mothers. Who do so much for their kids without expecting any return. It is been observed on various days in various community. The children express their deep love for their mother and thank her for her immeasurable contribution in their life. But I failed to apprehend mother’s love & give up, she do so much for her kids & she can sacrifice anything even her own life.

I am orphan! I don’t have anyone in the world in terms of close family relation. Although I had all the common relations like any other social human being. Unlikely, after extended years, I could identify myself that being inside everything ‘I am an orphan’.  I am an adopted son; I never become her individual child of my adoption mom. I learned from my adoption family, that relation and adore mainly depends on wealth and property. After receive my contribution they could throw me out of everything. They could do anything to become wealthy even to sell their child (me) outside. To receive assets they proposed me to marry a rich female. But I firmly ignored.

Without any doubt, a mother’s role become larger when the children grown up. The grown up kinds spend more time and share their understandings with mother. She is not only their guardian but also play the most crucial functions to build the life as an excellent human being. Connected with the great Napoleon quote - “Give me a good mother, I will give you a great nation”. In another word, ‘Mother is the first school’. So, if I failed to become a good human then my teacher was worthless or I was an awful student.

Perhaps I was not succeed to become skilled at horrific demand of my adopted family. As a result, the other members become irritated with me. At this stage, I was hoping to find the great love and support from my unselfish (!) mother. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find her beside me even she becomes witness against my willing. The conclusion, they chucked me out of their family. Now, I am living my life all alone in the same town and not far than 10 min drive away. And I also not have any eager to meet or see any member of that (!) family, not even my adopted father or mother.

In the terms of everything, I am unable to express similar to the other child of the world. Because I don’t love her anymore; I entirely hate her. “Happy mother day” to the other mothers of the world.

About The Author:

Mohammad Wahid Abdullah Khan (MBA, CPFA, CPIA, CFC)

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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MOHAMMAD WAHID ABDULLAH KHAN Dhaka, Bangladesh, is a PhD Candidate in "Criminal Psychology" as well he is “freelance Author, online columnists, Human psychoanalyst, industrial psychotherapist, Certified Financial Consultant, & Certified Forensic Accountant, too dynamic entrepreneur, utilize creativity leadership and teamwork to design and execute solutions that creates customer value.

Moreover Mr. Khan is CEO & Certified Consultant of” Wahid & co, Wak Business Solutions, Wak Business Support, “Wam Associates” & leader of the” Wahid Consulting Group”; Prior to consultancy Mr. Wahid has fulfilled more than 14 (fourteen) years working in various fields of Business like - Accounts, Finance, Auditing (Internal & External Audit), Project budgeting and Project costing related positions in some of the largest group & join venture companies in Bangladesh. Which experience encouraged him to work as a “professional consultant” from a few years,

Mr. Khan is realistic and implements his assignment within the bounds, objectives and capabilities of the organization. His extraordinary quick understanding of strategic options helps find direction and supports management in decision making. He has a “doer” attitude and gets things done on the technical and functional side. As a “Consultant” Mr. Wahid believe that his study & physiological motivation is very strong, as well my confident level is high & my quantitative skills are well-built also he is crystal clear about my every single goal which helped me to be a very tough contestant “Consultant” in the business consultant arena

Professional Membership:

• Associate Member – Institute of Management Consultants Bangladesh (IMCB)

•Member- Association of Proposal Management Professionals® (APMP®)

• Member – The Next level Purchasing Association.

•Member- The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

• Member - The Professional Risk manager’s international Association (PRMIA)

• Affiliate Member- Global Association of Risk Professional (GARP)

• Member - The International Association of Risk and Compliance Professionals (IARCP)

• Lifetime Member - Dragon fire martial arts association “International” (DFMAA)

• Individual Member: License Logic LLC

• Associate Membership - The American Psychological Association (APA)

• Member - The Global Community of Information Professionals

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