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Tags - MediaTek aim to augment feature phones
1073 days ago 0 comments Categories: News Tags: clients, feature
As many Minnesotans are finally kicking off the (hopefully) start of summer, we would also like to highlight another fellow Minnesota-based company and our latest Turnkey Telecom Management (TTM) client, Red Wing Shoes. Red Wing Shoes is an American footwear company specializing in work boots and shoes for tough industries. Headquartered in Red Wing, MN and established in 1905, Red Wing Shoes protect workers in more than one hundred countries across the world. Red Wing Shoes Selects Renodis to M
1096 days ago 0 comments Categories: News Tags: Alcatel IP phones
  If you are starting a new business, your main concern is likely the startup costs. You have to pay for everything from a new building to new employees. If your business is like most others, communication is one of the cornerstones of success. In order for the business to be more efficient internally, each employee has to be able to contact every other employee quickly. The business must also be able to communicate with prospective clients and other businesses. Although email is ubiquitous in
1178 days ago 0 comments Categories: Technology Tags: mobile, windows, phones
Written: March 5, 2013 at 1:07 pm, by¬†Reynaldo Lyles In my last¬†blog I talked about Windows Phones, in particular the HTC Windows Phone 8X moving up in the fray among the top iPhones and Androids. Twelve years ago, Microsoft had the mobile market in its hand with its OS on¬†PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) ‚Äď remember those things? Then they made a half attempt at phones and poof ‚Ķ nothing. This left a void which first Apple, then Android filled by pushing the Smartphones. With this backgro
I was glad to see Windows Phones making a re-entry into the market a couple of years ago. I was hoping that this mobile platform would be able to reclaim its old days of glory. However, this does not really seem to be the case anymore, as WP seems to be running into deeper trouble. More....  
1494 days ago 0 comments Categories: Technology Tags: verizon 4g network, 4g phones, 3g vs 4g, 4g pros and cons
Verizon is literally going places with its advanced 4G LTE network. Now the company is planning to expand its coverage further, by including 7 more cities to its existing network. Many of you may recall that Verizon had once stated that it intended to cover over 60 percent of the US population. It seems that the company has managed to realize their dream. More....
While 3G mobile networks hogged the limelight most of last year, this year is going to see the grand entry of the next generation, that is, 4G mobile networks. Of course, the ground work for 4G networks had already begun last year and we had all been expecting it to boom in a big way. 4G mobile networks seem to be the answer for every mobile device owner. However, 4G connectivity is not without its downsides. In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of 4G mobile networks. More....
There is a strong rumor currently rocking mobile planet. It is that Samsung plans to introduce 3 new Windows Phones this year, two of which will run the much-looked-forward-to Apollo, aka Windows Phone 8. The third one, apparently codenamed Mandel, is rumored to run the Windows Phone Tango OS. It is also believed that this device will include 4G LTE, a trend that is catching up in the market. More....
Microsoft, the giant whose market position teetered and tottered for the last few years, is now looking ready to get back on its feet and reclaim the glory and power of the past. With the entry of a couple of great mobile offerings, the company looks ready to take on the world. Here is an estimate of mobile trends for Microsoft in the year 2012. More....
The "What's New" feed in Windows Phone Mango's Picture Hub has done a great job offering thumbnail images for Facebook and Windows Live messages, but for some reason lovers of Twitter pictures have been shunned, with only a link to the image being provided. Not the worst thing on the planet, of course, but certainly it's been a minor thorn in the side of frequent users of the social networking service. Reports are beginning to come in, however, that this is all changing now -- it looks as
Orange announces the arrival in France of the first container loaded with 8 tons of used mobile phones from Burkina Faso, as part of its partnership with Emma√ľs International.In line with its commitment to recycle mobile handsets, initiated in 2005, Orange is encouraging the creation of workshops in Africa to collect used mobile phones and prepare them for recycling ¬†This initiative is part of the partnership with the Ateliers du Bocage, members of Emma√ľs International, which also recycle
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