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Tags - Users Inexplicably Blaming Microsoft On Twitter
1137 days ago 0 comments Categories: Technology Tags: CIO, Midwest, Twitter
In today’s fast paced world we have limited time for absorbing information. The same is true for our social networks. Want to keep up with the latest IT trends and initiatives? Why not hear it straight from the CIO on Twitter! The following is our list of the Top 5 Midwest CIOs to Follow on Twitter. Criteria included Klout score, number of followers, amount of outreach, other social channels/blogs, and discussions. Without further ado, Renodis presents … The Top 5 Midwest CIOs to Follow on Twit
1435 days ago 0 comments Categories: Product Tags: microsoft surface, tablet, telco, mobile, wireless, operator, tablet

Given that Microsoft’s new tablets don’t have a built-in wireless modem, wireless carriers probably won't sell Surface tablets in their retail stores. Nor will they be able to include Surface users in shared data plans. Read more

I had featured a post, just last weekend, about Microsoft supposedly planning to release its own tablet device. Well, it was not just another rumor after all, for the giant has indeed come out with its brand new device, the Surface. More....
The iPhone and iPad craze never ever seems to die down – these devices will always remain popular and sought after among the mobile masses. While this is great for the manufacturer, you, as an iOS app developer, need to know how to get the maximum leverage from your iPhone or iPad app. The regular iPhone or iPad user has probably already played around with a variety of iOS apps before trying out your app. So, how do you make your app stand out from among the thousands of other apps in the App St
I was glad to see Windows Phones making a re-entry into the market a couple of years ago. I was hoping that this mobile platform would be able to reclaim its old days of glory. However, this does not really seem to be the case anymore, as WP seems to be running into deeper trouble. More....  
Microsoft had been going through a rather low phase in the past few years. But now, it looks ready to recover from it all and take the market by storm once again. Will it be able to reclaim its previous position in the market? Will Microsoft emerge victorious? More....
Microsoft, the giant whose market position teetered and tottered for the last few years, is now looking ready to get back on its feet and reclaim the glory and power of the past. With the entry of a couple of great mobile offerings, the company looks ready to take on the world. Here is an estimate of mobile trends for Microsoft in the year 2012. More....
Microsoft's much-touted Windows Phone platform had developed a fatal message bug a few weeks ago. The company has now declared that it has found a solution for the same and is currently in the process of testing the said fix. More....
Looks like the honeymoon is ending a little early for some Galaxy Nexus users -- a pair of RootzWiki threads say that the device is struggling to maintain multitouch in some situations. Apparently the bug is repeatable, booting up a multitouch game like Gun Brothers or Shadow Gun will put the lower right hand portion of the smartphone's touchscreen in a finicky mood. We gave the glitch a go on a couple of different handsets, and were indeed thwarted by the touchscreen's tantrum. Turning the
Today Microsoft and Orange announced they have signed an agreement to offer an intuitive and innovative new service to Orange TV customers in the spring of 2012: voice and motion-activated television control using Kinect’s magical technology.Microsoft and Orange: complementary expertise offering the best in digital entertainmentMicrosoft and Orange signed an agreement on 6 December which allows for Orange TV broadcasts on the Xbox  game console. This partnership came naturally to the two
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