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Tags - Facebook wins dismissal of second Winklevoss case
660 days ago 0 comments Categories: Company Tags: Facebook, socialmedia, review
As you may know, TelServ likes to post their news and updates on Facebook on a daily basis. We would appreciate it if you could take the time to give us your review about our company and our services on this popular social media site. Please follow this link to write your review. Your opinion is important to us! If you have got any questions and-or remarks about our telecom services, please contact our sales department. They will always reply to you within 24 hours.
903 days ago 0 comments Categories: Product Tags: Lightstrap: an iPhone case that's all flash (hands-on)
Trying to take a good picture in a dimly lit nightclub is hard enough, but doing so on a camera phone? Nearly impossible. Engadget Live San Francisco was hosted in such a dark establishment, which made it the perfect venue for the folks at Brick & Pixel to seek us out. The company's first product, Lightstrap, just happens to be an iPhone 5s case designed specifically for shooting in dark places. Lightstrap hands-on See all photos 6 Photos Company founder Cassidy
Summary: budget not just makes the total planning process equally easier and more dependable, other than budget can also have the beat on effect of making business more creditworthy and expensive. Any business that time after time meets or beats its objectives will have its profit targets received more willingly than one with a irregular performance in next of kin to its targets. The point is that every business owner should consider these items and any other costs purposely connected with his
1577 days ago 1 comments Categories: News Tags: Zuckerberg, Facebook
By Douglas Rushkoff, Special to CNN updated 9:37 AM EST, Tue January 31, 2012 Mark Zuckerberg is expected to file to make Facebook a public company Editor's note: Douglas Rushkoff, who writes regularly for CNN.com, is a media theorist and the author of "Program or Be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age" and "Life Inc: How Corporatism Conquered the World and How We Can Take it Back." (CNN) -- We all knew he'd eventually get around to it: Mark Zuckerberg is expected to finally bring
1622 days ago 0 comments Categories: Company Tags: Apple wins U.S. trade body patent ruling vs. HTC
Apple Inc scored a narrow victory against Taiwan's HTC Corp in a patent lawsuit over smartphone technology that will set the stage for further battles between rival makers in the fiercely competitive market. In a case seen as a proxy for a larger fight between Google Inc's Android operating system and Apple's iOS, the U.S. International Trade Commission ruled that HTC infringed on one of four patents Apple had disputed and imposed a sales ban on some of the Taiwan maker's phones. While
1631 days ago 0 comments Categories: Product Tags: Motorola wins Apple wireless patent fight in Germany
A German court has ruled in Motorola Mobility's favour in a patents dispute with Apple. The Android smartphone maker had complained that Apple failed to license one of its wireless intellectual properties. Apple uses the technology in its iPhones and 3G iPads. Motorola could now try to force Apple to remove the feature from its devices or halt sales in Germany. However, Apple said it intended to appeal. Motorola said the ruling validated its "efforts to enforce its patents against Apple's infr
Have you ever been chatting with a friend on Facebook only to realize it would be nice to actually hear the person’s voice? You’re not alone. A recent survey found that 88% of Facebook users want voice chat capabilities within the site.* Today, Bobsled by T-Mobile, is making that possible. Free Voice Calls Within Facebook The new Bobsled application provides Facebook’s more than 500 million users worldwide with free, one-touch calling to their Facebook friends from a personal comp
1771 days ago 0 comments Categories: News Tags: Facebook wins dismissal of second Winklevoss case
(Reuters) - Facebook Inc won a dismissal of a second lawsuit by the Olympic rowing twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss seeking to boost their $65 million settlement with the company and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg. U.S. District Judge Douglas Woodlock in Boston dismissed litigation over the accord, three months after a federal appeals court in San Francisco turned aside a related lawsuit. The 2008 settlement was intended to resolve claims that Zuckerberg stole the twins' idea for what
1778 days ago 0 comments Categories: News Tags: Facebook working with news outlets on “Facebook editions”.
Prepare for more news content on Facebook than ever before. Facebook is reportedly working with publishers to create “Facebook editions” of their products to deliver news to social networkers. Facebook is looking for new ways to hang on to its now 750 million users and avoid becoming the next social networking ghetto.With new competition looming. One way the company is looking to keep users interested is by porting news over from select news outlets to app versions that can be read while
1785 days ago 0 comments Categories: Company Tags: Facebook and Skype announce video sharing partnership
Social networking giant Facebook and video chat leader Skype have announced a video sharing partnership enabling Facebook users to place Skype calls directly to any of their Facebook ‘Friends’ without having to leave the firm’s website. Facebook users do not need to have Skype already on their system, with installation of a Java plug-in the only requirement. The partnership builds on the existing alliance between the two companies, which enabled users to message Facebook friends or ‘Like’ t
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