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Summary: The universal objective of financial reporting is to offer useful information to present and latent investors, creditors, and others to help them build investment, credit, and other decisions. The principal role of financial reporting is to supply the involved parties by providing information that is useful in making business and economic decisions. Such information assists the competent functioning of capital and other markets by possessions in the economy Introduction: Qualitativ
Summary: The business analyst has various general duties & responsibilities concomitant to their job role, also he/she has the specific duty of brining in any outside help for the benefit of the company, and a business analyst (B.A) has an important role to play in the business world. As a management consultant I have found the “business analyst” found the clear duties & responsibilities on the basis of my past 10 years consultancy experience, That the first thing a business analyst m
Summary: Combinations of business have been more skillful at this position of wellbeing than others. And more will be demanded in the next few years. Users forever need more: more data, more data sharing, more applications, more processing time, more reports and more admittance. A framework and process for corporate governance, business ethics and compliance Management that weaves together a ‘top-down’ approach to managing accountability with ‘bottom-up’ compliance processes is a large step i
It’s easy to fall into a routine at work. We’re consumed by a perpetual list of activities; focused on checking off one task and moving onto the next to be as productive as possible. But if you take a step back from your daily routine, can you visualize how information flows throughout your company to help you complete those tasks? Where does that information originate from? Where is it stored? How is it accessed and shared? This information flow could actually be hindering your productivity mor
Summary: budget not just makes the total planning process equally easier and more dependable, other than budget can also have the beat on effect of making business more creditworthy and expensive. Any business that time after time meets or beats its objectives will have its profit targets received more willingly than one with a irregular performance in next of kin to its targets. The point is that every business owner should consider these items and any other costs purposely connected with his
  Summary: Business budgeting is an essential tool that can help make certain business achievement. This budget guide outlines the advantages of business planning and budgeting and explains how to go about this business. A budget can significantly improve business chances of success by allowing calculating future needs and planning profits, spending and overall cash flow. Every person has through a budget or plan at some time. In our own lives we are at all times trying to match the limited r
Summary: Wahid’s view discussed about disciplined reflecting on and evaluating the financial /Economic analysis capability to business decision making and to make sure that financial /Economic analysis are providing on effective and appropriate support to clients. Financial /Economic analysis capability meets professional standards and identified any improvement or development in current business situation Wahid’s view explained the task of financial / economic analysis, a financial / econo
Summary: The investigation may examine workers personally. The auditor does not examine employees personally. The investigation is usually performed after the audit of accounts. The audit is usually performed before the investigation of accounts. There is no legal prerequisite to disclose information in examination. The auditor requires the full disclosure of information under the law. The reason of investigation varies from business to business. The reason of audit is to conclude the true an
Mohammad Wahid Abdullah Khan (CFA, CFC, CFA, MBA) Wahid Set CEO & Certified Consultant, Opening: MOHAMMAD WAHID ABDULLAH KHAN Dhaka, Bangladesh, PhD Candidate in "Criminal Psychology" as well he is freelance author, online columnists, Human psychoanalyst, industrial psychotherapist, Certified Financial Consultant, & Certified Forensic Accountant, too dynamic entrepreneur, utilize creativity leadership and teamwork to design and execute solutions that creates customer value. Moreo
Summary: Wahid’s outlook illustrated financial analysis is a characteristic of the overall business finance function that involves examining historical data to gain information about the current and future financial health of a company. Financial analysis can be applied in a wide variety of situations to give business managers the information, finally they need to some importance documents submit with his analysis report, This business analyst is one function that is used to explain an ana
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