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Tags - SITA and Orange Business Services join forces to build a global cloud computing infrastructure
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Many people think that working in a call center services could be a part time job while you are in college. But, is that all call centers has to offer? Call center industry graph shows an expeditious growth in recent years and it could be a serious career option if you are in it for the long term. Mentioned below are some tips that can help you in being successful in the call center industry. 1. Make sure you have a full understanding of what the job really involves. In the call center ind
914 days ago 0 comments Categories: News Tags: winners, global, carrier, award
TelServ has been nominated for a Global Carrier Award for Campaign of the year. The results were presented during an award diner at the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam the 19th of November. Unfortunately we did not win this year. However, we would like to congratulate Telecom Italia Sparkle and the Telekom Austria Group for winning the awards for Campaign of the year, as well as all the other winners of the Global Carrier Awards.
926 days ago 0 comments Categories: News Tags: nominated, global, carrier, award
Besides being nominated for the High Growth Awards, TelServ has also been nominated to win a Global Carrier Award for ‘Campaign of the year’ at the Capacity Global Carrier Awards 2013. These awards are the only dedicated awards for the telecoms wholesale sector. The jury has selected TelServ to enter the competition because of the success of the wooden-shoe slippers campaign, which TelServ started last year. For this campaign TelServ gave away about 500 pairs of typical Dutch wooden shoe slipper
Facing rejections is one of the most obvious realities for companies providing B2B lead generation services. Even the best of professionals can be faced with a situation wherein the client is simply not ready to listen to any argument, logical or otherwise. And in the manner in which businesses are moving these days, understanding the pain points of customers and knowing how they can be leveraged to sell better is one of the most important aspects of making sales. Unfortunately, it’s also the ha
Summary: The universal objective of financial reporting is to offer useful information to present and latent investors, creditors, and others to help them build investment, credit, and other decisions. The principal role of financial reporting is to supply the involved parties by providing information that is useful in making business and economic decisions. Such information assists the competent functioning of capital and other markets by possessions in the economy Introduction: Qualitativ
Summary: The business analyst has various general duties & responsibilities concomitant to their job role, also he/she has the specific duty of brining in any outside help for the benefit of the company, and a business analyst (B.A) has an important role to play in the business world. As a management consultant I have found the “business analyst” found the clear duties & responsibilities on the basis of my past 10 years consultancy experience, That the first thing a business analyst m
The recent advent of B2B lead generation tactics has been a boon as well as bane for different organizations.  A boon, because there are more options than ever before to get more business.And a bane because in such a vast multitude of options, finding the right channel to promote business is quite the task. However, there are certain moves that can help companies gain a distinct advantage in a competitive environment. Useful content: As per Google, tech buyers consume nearly 14 pieces of online
1033 days ago 0 comments Categories: Company Tags: Salesforce, customer service, cloud
By Diane Berry With the world’s leading cloud-based CRM platform, more than 100,000 companies depend on Salesforce’s agility for the speed and flexibility to attract and maintain customers in a competitive environment. But if agility is your goal as a Salesforce user, your degree of customer service is only as good as the insight you can quickly uncover. You’re only as agile as your ability to search Salesforce for what you need, immediately, in the right context to solve cases faster. It’s that
Summary: Combinations of business have been more skillful at this position of wellbeing than others. And more will be demanded in the next few years. Users forever need more: more data, more data sharing, more applications, more processing time, more reports and more admittance. A framework and process for corporate governance, business ethics and compliance Management that weaves together a ‘top-down’ approach to managing accountability with ‘bottom-up’ compliance processes is a large step i
It’s easy to fall into a routine at work. We’re consumed by a perpetual list of activities; focused on checking off one task and moving onto the next to be as productive as possible. But if you take a step back from your daily routine, can you visualize how information flows throughout your company to help you complete those tasks? Where does that information originate from? Where is it stored? How is it accessed and shared? This information flow could actually be hindering your productivity mor
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