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1036 days ago 0 comments Categories: Company Tags: Salesforce, customer service, cloud
By Diane Berry With the world’s leading cloud-based CRM platform, more than 100,000 companies depend on Salesforce’s agility for the speed and flexibility to attract and maintain customers in a competitive environment. But if agility is your goal as a Salesforce user, your degree of customer service is only as good as the insight you can quickly uncover. You’re only as agile as your ability to search Salesforce for what you need, immediately, in the right context to solve cases faster. It’s that
1085 days ago 0 comments Categories: Company, Telecom, optical Tags: optical, telecom, 100G, cloud, SDN, mobility
Tom Mock (bio) is Ciena’s Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, responsible for defining, articulating and communicating Ciena’s corporate positioning, messaging and branding as well as the company’s strategy and performance. Mr. Mock joined Ciena in 1997. The waves of change in our industry are relentless. New technologies seemingly transform from future concepts to “the next big thing” in the blink of an eye.  And every three months the pundits attempt to crown new market leaders an
1112 days ago 0 comments Categories: News, optical Tags: OpenFlow, SDN, Internet2, 100G, cloud
Internet2 is on the hunt for new and innovative ways to apply SDN and OpenFlow standards across its 100G R&E network, and it’s willing to pay to find them.  Last week in this press release, Internet2 announced a joint effort with Ciena, Juniper and Brocade to award cash prizes to the best open source end-user applications that make use of OpenFlow-enabled SDN capabilities of switches and controllers like those found on the Internet2 Network. The program will provide grants of up to $10,000 f
1211 days ago 0 comments Categories: Technology Tags: data, indexing, technology, CRM, cloud, sociall
When popular technologies arrive, in-demand jobs follow – and no job is hotter in the technology world right now than the role of data scientist. So hot, in fact, that the Harvard Business Reviewcoined it as the sexiest job of the 21st century. GigaOM reported earlier this year that it’s the future of IT. MIT advises that in order to fill a workplace demand for data scientists gap, organizations need to seek out professionals with a unique mix of IT, scientific and analytical skills in order to
1358 days ago 0 comments Categories: Product Tags: Salesforce, CRM, Customer Service, Customer Support, Sales, data, cloud
It’s not every day that you give an industry influencer a sneak peek of a new product and hear, “This is a dream come true. I think this is going to be really big.” That’s exactly the response we heard with Coveo for Salesforce, launching today. Why the fuss? Coveo for Salesforce brings contextually relevant insight from anywhere directly within the Salesforce user interface. It recommends the right insight to the end user, regardless of where the data resides—in social media, the cloud, or ent
Most businesses today are adopting to the latest technology of cloud computing and are switching to third-party cloud providers. These companies have realized the benefits of the cloud and how it far reduces their infrastructure costs and also provides them security and flexibility in the long run. Yet, many businesses are still in the dark in regard to issues relating to ownership of data, security in the cloud and cloud management in general. The cloud is yet looked upon with a certain level o
1439 days ago 0 comments Categories: News, Service Tags: cloud

Companies are growing increasingly confident in the cloud. While agility and scalability continue to be primary drivers for cloud adoption, IT decision makers are beginning to trust the cloud with more mission-critical applications like eCommerce. See more

The “cloud” is now very much present in everything that is even remotely related to technology. Of course, cloud computing presents its own risks, but it also has its benefits. Security in the cloud is still a much-debated issue in today’s technological milieu. While some state that it is not much different than storing data elsewhere, others are dead against the very concept, claiming that it is a serious threat to online security. In order to minimize chances of attack on the cloud, companies
We all know how important functioning in the cloud has now become. Accordingly, Samsung has announced today that it will soon acquire mSpot, a Californian cloud-based media provider. Samsung stated that this takeover will help it add radio, music and video services for many of its own devices. More....
Social engineering, which is the act of gaining unauthorized access to an individual’s or company’s online data, is today more rampant than ever before. While companies are doing all they can to try and minimize the extent of this phenomenon, social engineers are also learning up several different strategies and methods to gain access to organizations. One of the most effective methods companies can use to tackle this problem is by using pentesting. In this article, we study the process of pente
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