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Tags - iPhone price cuts hitting Radio Shack
898 days ago 0 comments Categories: Product Tags: Lightstrap: an iPhone case that's all flash (hands-on)
Trying to take a good picture in a dimly lit nightclub is hard enough, but doing so on a camera phone? Nearly impossible. Engadget Live San Francisco was hosted in such a dark establishment, which made it the perfect venue for the folks at Brick & Pixel to seek us out. The company's first product, Lightstrap, just happens to be an iPhone 5s case designed specifically for shooting in dark places. Lightstrap hands-on See all photos 6 Photos Company founder Cassidy
1030 days ago 1 comments Categories: Technology Tags: iphone, Free Apps
Smartphones are taking over the mobile phone industry. Out of many brands of smartphone iphone is a leading brand. Like all the smart phones this phone also supports many applications. From e-book readers and car racing games to listening to music and performance enhancers. Out of these many of the apps are free to use. You can collect these apps for free and enjoy them on your own smartphone. You just need to check your OS version compatibility and system requirement to be sure that the app wi
1120 days ago 0 comments Categories: News Tags: iPhone, Mobile VoIP, iPhone VoIP App, Mobile VoIP App
The upcoming iPhone 5S will help open up opportunities for mobile VoIP service providers with the right apps. Read more here: http://blog.ipsmarx.com/apple-to-release-new-iphone-how-mobile-voip-service-providers-can-take-advantage/?utm_source=LinkedIn&utm_medium=VoIPtelecombusinessstartupsnetwork&utm_campaign=JT
1240 days ago 0 comments Categories: Technology Tags: telecom, telecommunication, ipad, internet, iphone
Human communications have reached a different level altogether holding the hands of telecommunications. It has indeed ushered a new dimension to the way human beings communicate. Right from the invention of the first phone by Alexander Graham bell in 1875, the path has been marked by success. Gradually, various other forms of telecommunications came into being. In this article we will provide detailed information on the various modes of telecommunication that you can use and suffice your requi
1301 days ago 1 comments Categories: Technology Tags: iphone, technology
    Like clients anticipate much more from mobile phones and consumer requirements are at any time growing everyday, iPhone has create latest improvements to fulfill the rising requirements of users. Furthermore, iPhone application design tasks are implementing a completely unique strategy to construct applications that prove to become a glorious strike between the consumers. The passionate designer who's concerned in the improvement plan should to pay attention to the modifications taking place
1337 days ago 0 comments Categories: Product, Technology Tags: iphone, lte, video

A new iPhone unveiling is a cataclysmic event in the telecoms industry, and the impact will be felt just as much in emerging markets. Read more

The iPhone and iPad craze never ever seems to die down – these devices will always remain popular and sought after among the mobile masses. While this is great for the manufacturer, you, as an iOS app developer, need to know how to get the maximum leverage from your iPhone or iPad app. The regular iPhone or iPad user has probably already played around with a variety of iOS apps before trying out your app. So, how do you make your app stand out from among the thousands of other apps in the App St
Marketing your mobile app is as vital an aspect as mobile app development itself. While most app developers create mobile apps simply because it is their passion, the ultimate aim of any developer would be to make money from the development of his app. The best way to reach a wider audience is to promote and market your app. It is desirable for developers to know the basics of mobile app marketing, as it allows him or her to promote their app to a certain extent. However, going through a proper
The Apple App Store manages to remain right on top of the heap, as far as app store ranking is concerned. No amount of competition seems to upset this company’s “apple” cart. This quality has made this particular app marketplace the most preferred, both among app developers and users alike. As an app developer, you would be well aware that the App Store readily features its top apps, which it updates on a daily basis. These include free, paid and top grossing apps. So how do you increase your ap
1491 days ago 0 comments Categories: Product Tags: Apple Building Mini iPhone?
The rumors of a "Mini" Apple product might be dead on, but they may not have anything to do with a smaller iPad. Rather, they could involve a miniature iOS device that no one saw coming: a pint-sized iPhone. "iPad Mini is not going to cut it because if you create an iPad Mini -- which would be a six- to eight-inch device -- that market is [a] very congested space," Trip Chowdhry, the Managing Director of Equity Research at Global Equities Research, told Benzinga. "Profitability is almost non
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