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Speedflow is pleased to release the latest version of its innovative carrier-grade MediaCore Solution. The MediaCore rel. 4.4 is available from January 27, 2015. As usual, the Release includes a wide range of new features as well as numerous upgrades and optimizations. Amongst the most important new components are: - Brand new reports for ‘live’ incoming / outgoing calls statistics - New DTMF methods options - New diagrams/graphs reports for voice and SMS services - Enhanced Responsive Web In
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Showing just how intent they are on their Mexican invasion, AT&T has made another acquisition just nine days after closing its purchase of Iusacell. This morning they announced a deal to purchase Nextel Mexico from NII Holdings, following through on rumors of their interest since fall. [Read more →]
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Following my tour of DE-CIX and zColo at 60 Hudson last month, I was pleased to receive another invitation from Raul Martynek across the Hudson at Net Access.  Last February, Raul took the helm as CEO as the company entered a new phase of growth.  Net Access hasn’t always been in the data center business, having come to the sector from the dialup ISP world back in the 1990s. [Read more →]
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Another billionaire is on the move in Europe, adding territory to his empire and helping consolidate the wireless market further. Hutchison Whampoa, which is of course led by Hong Kong’s Li Ka-Shing, has followed through on the not-so-secret rumors and made a bid worth some $15B for O2, Telefonica’s UK wireless division. [Read more →]
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Google’s rumored move into the wireless space as an MVNO could give them the last piece of the puzzle.  From the device in your hand, the operating system it runs, the email/office/video/social apps you use, the wireless or fiber access network it connects with, the IP backbone and CDN that serves the data, the undersea cables and terrestrial dark fiber it traverses, the cloud on the other end, and the data centers that the servers sit in, Google will have its thumb if not its whole forearm in e
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Consolidation may be in the air in much of European telecommunications and infrastructure, but new networks are getting built too.  Today one launched in northeastern Europe, connecting Frankfurt with Tallinn and hooking up Berlin, Warsaw, Vilnius, and Riga along the way. [Read more →]
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Various reports today are converging on a story that Google is about to enter the wireless game. No, they’re not kicking off another national LTE buildout for us all to watch city by city. They’re going to take the MVNO path to glory. [Read more →]
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This Industry Viewpoint was authored by Jeff Smith, Strategy & Marketing Director, Interxion Here in the waking hours of 2015, the networking community is facing fundamental questions – the kind that trace back to its very foundation. [Read more →]
5 days ago 0 comments Categories: News Tags: TelServ, rates, PPC, Romania
TelServ has got new attractive rates for Pay per Call (ppc) numbers in Romania. It is now possible to bill up to 31 euros with this Premium Rate Service. This is a perfect solution for physical goods, online dating and casual gaming. Special offer Because TelServ likes to share their advantages with their clients, please find the special offer for Romania PPC below. NO setup fee NO monthly fees after 5000 calls and up Contact TelServ If you are interested in this telecom service, please contact
5 days ago 0 comments Categories: Technology Tags: Agile Development IoT
Agile Development for IoT     Development for IoT will include multiple domains such as green building, smart grid, industrial monitoring, agriculture, smart cities, healthcare, connected homes, telematics and supply chain, safety and security, forest and wild life, automotive, natural disasters, etc. Agile development for IoT (Internet of Things) or Internet of Services (IoS) involve three distinct stages as below: 1. Sensors which collect data (including identification and addressing the
6 days ago 0 comments Categories: News Tags: Teleco, event, 2015
Last year, TelServ was present at more than 14 events all over the world. This was a great experience! But, it was also a lot to take in. That is why we will take it a bit easier this year. Of course, we are still attending the most important telecom events with our business stand. TelServ will be present at: Capacity Middle East, 10-12 March in Dubai. ITW, 10-13 May in Chicago. Capacity Europe 2-4 November in Paris. TelServ is also present at the GSMA World Mobile Congress, only not with a busi
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This article was authored by Don Sambandaraksa, and was originally posted on telecomasia.net. The world has declared open season on encryption and civil liberties. In one week Thailand announced its draft Cyber Security bill, Iran’s highest court banned encrypted messaging apps and now the United Kingdom has announced its own war on privacy in the wake of the French terror attacks.[Read more →]
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With PTC going on out in Hawaii this week, there’s lots of news under the waves plus some more European M&A action to consider: [Read more →]
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Although I wouldn’t call it a frenzy, there seems to be a steady buzz of M&A at the edges of the cloud as larger players acquire smaller, innovative companies to bring the right combination of talent in-house.  Today it was Equinix’s turn, as they announced a deal for the professional services firm Nimbo. [Read more →]
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Several readers kindly noted over the holidays that it had been over a year since I’d updated my metro fiber and on-net building statistics page.  So I’ve been collecting data over the last few weeks, and it’s now time put out the new stats.  They’re on their usual page of course, but here’s a copy sorted by on-net building count: [Read more →]
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In what looks like a natural partnership, Zayo and EdgeConneX are working together to bring more fiber to the edge. This morning the two announced that Zayo will be deploying fiber to EdgeConnex facilities across the country, which are strategically positioned near network provider aggregation points like cable head ends and such. [Read more →]
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