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Top Headlines

Nokia Networks Wins Vodafone LT...

Nokia Networks Wins Vodafone LTE Contract

>>>>> Reuters - Cellular News - 13-08-2014 02:57 <<<<<

Nokia Networks says that it has won a contract from Vodafone New Zealand to deploy a 700Mhz based LTE network. Coverage will be initially limited to Papakura. Vodafone New Zealand Director of Technology, Sandra Pickering says kicking off the commercial 4G rollout to rural New Zealand is a major milestone. "Our focus this year is about expanding our 4G network to rural New Zealand with 700MHz, and Nokia Networks will play an important part i...

Amazon undercuts Square and Pay...

Amazon undercuts Square and PayPal with its own mobile card reader

>>>>> Engadget - Engadget - 13-08-2014 02:52 <<<<<

Square's grand plan to democratize credit card payments has inspired a clutch of imitators, the latest of which is Amazon. The company has just announced Amazon Local Register, a credit card reader and app combination that'll enable small businesses...

KitKat is now running on more t...

KitKat is now running on more than 20 percent of Android devices

>>>>> Engadget Mobile - Engadget Mobile - 13-08-2014 02:07 <<<<<

In case there was any doubt that KitKat now has a solid foothold in the Android world, Google just offered some proof. Its usage data for early August shows that KitKat is on more than a fifth of active Android devices, at 20.9 percent. That's a healthy improvement over July (17.9 percent), and a big leap over the 14.9 percent we saw in June. The folks in Mountain View aren't explaining the steady growth, but it's easy to figure out what's go...

More vendors launching selfie p...

More vendors launching selfie phones

>>>>> Digitimes - DIGITIMES - 12-08-2014 10:13 <<<<<

More smartphone vendors have shifted focus to upgrading the front-end cameras of their new models, particularly adding the selfie functionality and related applications, according to industry sources. Sony Mobile Communications, Huawei and ZTE have already launched smartphones with enhanced selfie functionality, while HTC and Microsoft Mobile are expected to roll out comparable products soon, said the sources. Sony Mobile's Xperia C3 is e...

Chrome now lets you see some we...

Chrome now lets you see some websites when you're offline

>>>>> Engadget - Engadget - 12-08-2014 04:40 <<<<<

Ever been knocked offline right before you get to read a story on the web? If Google has its way, you won't be left high and dry in these situations for much longer. The company has posted a test release of its Chrome browser that include a "show...

Global smartphone shipments to ...

Global smartphone shipments to reach 322 million units in 3Q14, says TrendForce

>>>>> Digitimes - DIGITIMES - 11-08-2014 10:42 <<<<<

There will be 322.05 million smartphones shipped globally in third-quarter 2014, increasing 13.1% sequentially but slightly decreasing on year, and shipments in 2014 will reach 1.2 billion units, growing 29.2% on year, according to TrendForce.

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