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1469 days ago 0 comments Categories: General  Tags: insight data knowledge product development engineering 
Let’s face it. The more data available to your company, the less you know what you think you know.
1478 days ago 0 comments Categories: General  Tags: insight innovation product development knowledge engineering data 
If you ask any executive within an engineering and development organization what their biggest asset is, you’d most likely get the same answer – knowledge.
1504 days ago 0 comments Categories: General  Tags: insight ca technologies data product development customer centrcicity 
If there’s one company that could serve as a showcase for how better Insight into vast amounts of data can drive improvements throughout an organization, it’s CA Technologies.
1557 days ago 1 comments Categories: General  Tags: data insight marketing sales customer service product development 
Data, by its very nature, is difficult to find and to analyze because it’s stored in so many places, with no way to search through it or correlate it across systems to derive meaning from it.
1594 days ago 3 comments Categories: General  Tags: data engineering insight product development 
Considering that knowledge is ostensibly the most valuable asset of an organization, it is not only interesting but perhaps essential to consider if knowledge can be engineered.
1622 days ago 1 comments Categories: Companies  Tags: osman perksoy telenity vice president product management marketing 
Telenity today announced that Osman Perksoy has joined Telenity as Vice President, Product Management and Marketing effective December 12th, 2011.
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