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Back in July, we caught a glimpse of the Voomote One -- Zero1.tv's universal remote adapter for iPhone and iPod Touch users.
We have yet to receive official word on this, but All Things Digital is reporting today that Apple's next big media...
1708 days ago 1 comments Categories: Others  Tags: operators battle to be first with middle east lte 
Mobile operators Etisalat in the UAE and Mobily in Saudi Arabia are vying to become the first LTE operator in the Middle East.
1676 days ago 0 comments Categories: Companies  Tags: steve jobs iphone 
Steve Jobs Said He'd 'Go Thermonuclear War' On Google Over iPhone 'Theft'
1622 days ago 1 comments Categories: Products  Tags: mobile telcom url gtld web dial domain 
gtld, cctld, mobile, phone, telecom, dial, icann, call
1559 days ago 0 comments Categories: General  Tags: facebook 
The decision of Facebook to go public is beleived to be the main reason why it is turning to mobile ads.
1554 days ago 0 comments Categories: Companies Products Services  Tags: turkcell choose telenity telenity's sdp components telco 2.0 deployment 
Leading European Mobile Operator Selects Telenity’s Service Delivery Platform Components for Access to Web 2.0 Services
Should you care that your smartphone won’t always have the latest OS?
Three million poor people in Africa and South Asia, the majority of them women, will gain access to low-cost mobile phone numbers as part of technology firm Movirtu’s partnership with...
1715 days ago 0 comments Categories: Others  Tags: nokia ceo says "watch out" to android phone makers 
Phone makers depending on Google Inc's Android software should worry about the Web search leader's deal to buy Motorola Mobility, the head of rival Nokia said on Wednesday.
1708 days ago 0 comments Categories: Products  Tags: microsoft launched window 8 
Microsoft has launched Windows 8 by Julie Larson
1701 days ago 3 comments Categories: Products  Tags: nokia n9 begins shipping at not inexpensive prices 
After months of rumors and pre-orders, the Nokia N9 has finally begun shipping.
1697 days ago 0 comments Categories: General  Tags: vlc transmission light led wireless 
Visible Light Communication uses light emitting diodes (LEDs), for the dual role of illumination and data transmission.
1600 days ago 0 comments Categories: Companies  Tags: mvno 
Onfone - the MVNO that in just eight months cost the jobs of 10 top Danish directors in the mobile industry- including a CEO, a COO and a CMO!
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