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24.05.2012 0 comments Categories: Others  Tags: apple vs. samsung: patent war update 
The CEOs of Apple and Samsung are in their second day of closed-door negotiations aimed at settling their ongoing patent disputes.
Research In Motion has released the first developer tools for the upcoming release of BlackBerry 10,
25.04.2012 0 comments Categories: Products  Tags: another galaxy s iii prototype spotted in protective casing 
Another Galaxy S III prototype spotted in protective casing
05.01.2012 0 comments Categories: Products  Tags: ipad3 apple ipad 
Rumors and speculation as to what the next iPad will feature are flying in by the day. Reports of the device already entering production have begun...
18.12.2011 0 comments Categories: Companies  Tags: at&t china telecom expand partnership 
AT&T, China Telecom eChina Telecom’s (CHA) push into the U.S. market continues as the telecom giant announced an agreement with AT&Txpand partnership
Tablet PCs rolled out by vendors in 2012 will not only see an upgrade in display resolutions in general but also a further diversification in display sizes...
The wait is over. After an eight year hiatus – blink-182 is back and ready to get up close and personal, giving fans a chance to: Travel alongside the band for several tour stops...