The workshop will cover all you have to know on mobile payment alternative payment and the new big return of developing countries.  Topics such as future, legal and regulatory framework and integration of IT will be developed.

The 2-day workshop provides delegates with a broad range of the latest and most innovative case studies from Europe and African markets in a comparative manner, as well as with unique tailor-made exercise and case study sessions based on practical insight. It analyzes and reviews all relevant and up-to-date aspects of mobile payment services starting from product and marketing context through technology and regulatory framework. During two days of the course, which are divided into four sessions each, the participants are working on the case studies focusing on the following topics: mobile payment business models: bank- versus MNO-based, stakeholders in the value chains, payment channels, payment instruments, integration with mobile banking, micropayments, telecommunications services, product characteristics and features, regulatory and legal framework, risk management and mitigation, security, technology roadmap, interoperability. At the end of the workshop the delegates are asked to create their own country-specifi

c mobile payment strategies. The issues on the future of mobile payment services as well as mobile technology challenges are also included in the training program.

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