Summary: The business analyst has various general duties & responsibilities concomitant to their job role, also he/she has the specific duty of brining in any outside help for the benefit of the company, and a business analyst (B.A) has an important role to play in the business world. As a management consultant I have found the “business analyst” found the clear duties & responsibilities on the basis of my past 10 years consultancy experience, That the first thing a business analyst must do when they obtain a client is to meet with the pertinent parties, including management and employees, who are necessary to the successful completion of the analysis the business analyst must review the data of a company as well as their current work habits and make suggestions for doing a more efficient job. Business analysts are also responsible for training employees from time to time and developing standards and procedures for the work force to follow

I would like to expose my opinion on the definition before going into “a business analyst” duties & responsibilities

(I). What Is A Business Analyst?

A business analyst is an individual who maintaining a uniform team management system. Also works with the management of a company in order to help them do a better job of organizing & teaching these work to overcome obstacles and strive for completion of a goal is a main directive for the business analyst. He or she will act as a liaison between the varieties of methods to make this possible Performed correctly will result in project completion. Success will be achieved.

(II). Duties & responsibilities of a Business Analyst

The business analyst has many general duties and responsibilities as well as specific duties which must be performed on a daily basis in order to complete their role to the best extent possible. Business analyst will allow him or her to understand the project scope. He or she will determine what the project objectives are and who is trying to implement them. The business analyst will assess the needs and determine the project goals

Conclusion: The duties and responsibilities of a business analyst are to study the client requirements gather and manage the requirements and finally assure that the requirements are met in collaboration with the project manager. The business analyst is also supposed to assist the project manager in change management. The business analyst should try to make all parties understand what is important and what is not relevant. This ensures all information needed to identify the solution has been presented. The business analyst will assess the needs and determine the project goals. He or she will not jump ahead to the solution without utilizing the proper steps. A good business analyst will be skilled in explaining the structure of each step and co-ordinate them with each department. This will reassure management the job is being done in a timely manner.

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