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  •  a.constantinov: 
    The Mediacore Softsiwtch at 10 $ Only.

    Speedflow Communications keeps on astonishing its customers by its striking offers.

    Now You are welcome to rent the Mediacore Softswitch as a Complete Set at 10$ Only per 1 line/concurrent call starting with the Minimal Packages – 50/60/70 etc. lines/concurrent calls with future easy upgrade on Your request.

    The Offer includes and we GUARANTEE Your expected/requested number of concurrent calls, required Hardware and the Internet Bandwidth/Channel, Free Updates, Free Presentations & Trainings, Free 24/7 NOC Technical Support, Free Demo.

    For more information don’t hesitate to contact
    Best Regards,

    Alexander Constantinov

    Software Sales Manager

    Mail to

    Skype: alex.constantinov

    ICQ: 625266550


    tel + 44 (203) 0 265 765 Ext 104

    tel/fax +380 (48) 777 00 77

    Visit our updated web-site

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