Featured News http://telecomyou.com/m/news_feed/featured Featured News http://telecomyou.com/modules/younet/news_feed/templates/base/images/icons/news_feed.png http://telecomyou.com/ <![CDATA[ Global broadband growth slows sharply in 2015 ]]> The global push to connect the world to the internet is showing signs of starting to stall, with boradband still failing to reach the people it could benefit the most, according to the ITU. Broadband growth has slowed sharply over the last year, and 57% of the world's population remains offline, the Broadband Commission's latest State of Broadband report shows. There are 3.2 billion people now connected to the internet, up by just 300 million from last year. While broadband is reaching saturation in the developed world, the internet is only available to 35% of the... ]]> http://telecomyou.com/m/news_feed/view/182650 <![CDATA[ Smartphones becoming first screens in Singapore ]]> Usage of laptops and smartphones is outpacing that of set-top boxes (STBs) and smart TVs in the connected living rooms of today, according to new global research from Irdeto. The research reinforces a growing consumer trend of multi-screen usage and second screen devices becoming "first screens," with smartphones being the most used devices in living rooms in Singapore (56%), followed by PCs or laptops (39%) STBs (28%), tablets (27%) and smart TVs (26%). In contrast, PCs or laptops are the most used devices in living rooms in Australia (43%), followed by smartphones (30%),... ]]> http://telecomyou.com/m/news_feed/view/182655 <![CDATA[ The battle for the passive viewer ]]> For all Netflix’s progress, some in the media industry remain confident that its on-demand approach will never fully satisfy those human needs that drive viewers to watch broadcast TV. They may have a point, but they should still be aware that more radical forms of video that appeal to similar desires could pose a parallel threat. Netflix has – and will continue to have – a significant impact on linear viewing. You only have to look at how it has popularized so-called “binge-viewing” – watching episode after episode of a TV series in a single sitting – to understand that. ... ]]> http://telecomyou.com/m/news_feed/view/182662 <![CDATA[ Ericsson debuts multi-device Wi-Fi calling ]]> Ericsson has added new multi-device Wi-Fi calling functionality to its existing Wi-Fi calling offering, and expects the first commercial implementation from operators this year. The new functionality will allow multiple of a user's devices to be able to make and receive cellular voice calls over Wi-Fi even if those devices are located at different access points a world apart. The system supports simultaneous calls over several devices, as well as the ability to transfer a call in progress between devices. Ericsson's Wi-Fi calling suite comprises product support in... ]]> http://telecomyou.com/m/news_feed/view/182672 <![CDATA[ Major telcos to spin off network operations ]]> Analyst predicts emergence of more shared networks, sees operators separating infrastructure from retail businesses. ]]> http://telecomyou.com/m/news_feed/view/182708 <![CDATA[ Four keys to clinch a 4G rollout ]]> Despite more demand for 4G, simply launching it does not guarantee success. Telecom operators from the United States to India have experienced significant downsides to their 4G deployment. Even with the heavy investments needed to deploy 4G services, operators should not discount how much subscribers covet 4G. A telecom operator in Japan waited a year after the first 4G service was launched before it launched its own 4G services. Because of late entry, it lost 15% of its market share even after three years of continuously promoting its 4G products. Our conservative... ]]> http://telecomyou.com/m/news_feed/view/182304 <![CDATA[ All smartwatches may be prone to attack ]]> As part of an ongoing series looking at Internet of Things (IoT) security, HP today unveiled results of an assessment confirming that smartwatches with network and communication functionality represent a new and open frontier for cyberattack. The study conducted by HP Fortify found that all of the smartwatches tested contained significant vulnerabilities, including insufficient authentication, lack of encryption and privacy concerns. HP said in a report that, as smartwatches become more mainstream, these will increasingly store more sensitive information such as health data... ]]> http://telecomyou.com/m/news_feed/view/182305 <![CDATA[ Google Fiber makes San Antonio its next 1 Gbps target ]]> Google Fiber has named San Antonio as the next destination where it will bring its 1 Gbps-capable FTTH service, one of the largest cities in its growing service footprint. ]]> http://telecomyou.com/m/news_feed/view/182312 <![CDATA[ IoT to generate 20 zettabytes of data by 2025 ]]> The Internet of Things is expected to generate more than 20 zettabytes, or 20 trillion gigabytes, of data by 2025, underlined by the increase in broadband penetration and access speeds, according to researched unveiled by Seagate Technology. The research shows multiple device ownership and increased internet speeds as being key drivers of cloud adoption and IoT. According to the research, broadband speeds in the region are expected to be the fastest in the world and quadruple to 87 Mbps in a decade, compared to a forecasted average of 72 Mbps globally. This means that a two... ]]> http://telecomyou.com/m/news_feed/view/182163 <![CDATA[ SingTel deploying tri-band LTE-A ]]> SingTel has revealed it is conducting major upgrades to its 4G and Wi-Fi networks, including deploying tri-band LTE-A. The company has augmented its LTE network with 900-MHz spectrum, becoming the first operator in Southeast Asia to commercially launch tri-band 4G. SingTel said it plans to deploy the upgrade at over 400 cites across Singapore by March 2016, in areas including major shopping malls. The operator also plans to improve 4G coverage at some underground MRT stations as well as newer estates. Via a partnership with Samsung, the operator plans to launch a... ]]> http://telecomyou.com/m/news_feed/view/182170