All Sites — Wimix LLC is a software development company located in Eastern Europe (Minsk, Belarus (GMT+2))About: • Founded in 2007 • Resident of Belarussian HTP (‏ • ISO 9001 certified Our services include software development for: • Mobile devices (Android, Bada, Windows Phone) • Embedded system…
16.11.2012 0 comments From Denis Tolstashov — Today, we launched a new app, the "WeekdayCalc of the Rainbow-Link". If you are a member of sales team of a software vendor, a designer, a free engineer, a project manager who have to plan the project-schedule, please use it. You can calculate the amo…
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29.08.2012 0 comments From nesreena — Daxx is a leading Dutch offshore IT staffing company. Founded in 1999 in the Netherlands, we establish IT software development teams in Ukraine for our clients. With our services you get access to the best IT developers and reduce costs. You manage your team directly while we deal with such non-core…
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