Browse Sites By Category: Consulting — Management consulting and three divisions: * Coaching Executives: Executive Coaching. * Board Whisperer: Board Coaching. * Karen Lasserre Artist: Original Artwork.
12.05.2014 0 comments From Patrice LASSERRE — Executive and Board Coaching. 100-day programmes on key topics: * Surviving promotions * 100 day honeymoon * Becoming a better boss * Quitting the job you hate
12.05.2014 0 comments From Patrice LASSERRE — PwC Pakistan is member firm of PriceWaterhouse Cooper (PwC) netwok and know as A.F. Ferguson & Co locally.
25.08.2013 0 comments From Amjad Rahim — ¬† Through this appearance will provide you, our employees, with information about "WAK BUSINESS SOLUTIONS" it will also outline our benefits and some of the procedures that will help during your employment. "WAK BUSINESS SOLUTIONS" prides itself on its progressive approach to its clients and its e…
12.06.2013 5 comments From DR.MOHAMMAD WAHID ABDULLAH KHAN — Law Firm
12.02.2013 0 comments From Silvia Giampaolo — For ¬†over a decade Renodis has helped hundreds of businesses deal with numerous telecom problems within their Wireline and Mobility environments. But the more problems we solved, the more we felt there was a bigger issue going unaddressed. There are many suppliers and partners, but looking after you…
18.12.2012 0 comments From Colleen Kranz — This blog presents news and topics concerning law in the modern information society, in Greek and English language.
28.02.2012 0 comments From Ioannis Iglezakis — Sherlock Investigations, Inc..You've probably heard the news: "Eavesdropping devices are experiencing a huge jump in sales." Our Technical Countermeasures Team has the expertise and tools to locate, document and remove any any electronic device that may be compromising your privacy. 24/7 service. Pl…
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21.02.2012 0 comments From Syed Noman Ali — We Offer open source business solutions, customized to your business and transfer the lowest cost of software ownership to Business and help them achieve the same business competition using efficient open source framework.
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