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olswang.com — Asia and Europe's Leading TMT law firm
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robbratby.com — International telecoms and technology insight from leading lawyer
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flyphone.in — Fly is a European mobile phone company founded in 2003 with offices across countries including UK, France, Germany, India, Russia, Ukraine and Nigeria. Fly is already a leading mobile phone brand in Eastern Europe and is also developing fast in other parts of the world. Fly phones were introduced in India in 2005. The highly differentiated range of mid & high end phones have been received with great enthusiasm by users as well as the trade. Fly India is rapidly expanding in India and now has widespread sales and service presence across the country. The Brand is positioned as a challenger brand with a strong commitment to differentiation. It is in sync with today’s youth – “WHY NOT ATTITUDE”
callgsm.net — CallGSMВ is a global operator providing cutting edge mobile communication solutions.В Headquartered in Bristol, UK. CallGSMВ wasВ founded for the purpose of developing, and bringing to market, a portfolio of integrated mobile communication products and servicesВ based onВ groundbreaking solutions that would change the economics of international roaming. В  Our focus is to meet the needs of three target customer groups - companies engaged in international travel, tourist and international students who migrate across borders regularly, with a value proposition that emphasizes cost savings, cost certainty and ease of use from a known service provider - CallGSM. For the first time ever, thanks to our growing suite of integrated solutions, mobile users will be able to securely and seamlessly roam across borders with the knowledge that CallGSM will take care of all their communication needs. Such integrated services are not yet available anywhere in the mobile industry, and we intend to dominate this segment В 
didx.net — A wholesale global direct inward dialing marketplace where 16,000+ telephony (wired, wireless, CLEC, incumbents, social community-attached) companies of 170 nations buy and/or sell phone numbers. An invitation is extended to your telephony company, too. It's a popular media partner for global conferences also, and provides complimentary marketing tools to its members.
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