Browse Sites By Tag: lte — IPR provider and software developer specializing in OFDM/OFDMA radio interfaces. Our portfolio includes implementations of PHY layers for 3GPP LTE and mobile WiMAX and tools for radio interface analysis.
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07.03.2012 0 comments From Merilynn Choo — "pilot" Louisiana Delta Initiative The Louisiana Delta Initiative is a new regional network of community and economic development organizations working in collaboration to improve the economic conditions in a 12 parish, Louisiana Delta region including the parishes of Caldwell, Catahoula, Conc…
22.12.2011 0 comments From Lazaro A Sanchez — USPurtek LLC is a Texas Registered Engineering Services Firm. We provide 4G LTE¬†Wireless Telecom Training, Consulting and Technical Staffing Services.
29.11.2011 0 comments From Iqbal Singh Josan — Mall is the only Android store that offers more than just Android apps. With Mall you can have apps, games, e-books, audio books, music, videos and more, on any Android device.
25.11.2011 0 comments From Irena Calovska — a blog providing technical insights into the technological trends in the telecom industry. ¬†
26.08.2011 0 comments From wanda alex — XBLOCKR is an application that helps respect your privacy with the ability to Duck, Drop & Divert unwanted calls and respond with optional appropriate messages.
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