Browse Sites By Tag: telecom — Hunt is a traditional and hosted voice and data facilities based CLEC. Hunt owns and installs its own fiber networks across the gulf coast states.
08.02.2014 0 comments From Troy_Bourque — IPR provider and software developer specializing in OFDM/OFDMA radio interfaces. Our portfolio includes implementations of PHY layers for 3GPP LTE and mobile WiMAX and tools for radio interface analysis.
15.01.2014 0 comments From rafael — JFOPT - China fiber optic cables, patch cord, patch panel, pigtail, splice closure, adapter, transceiver and converter manufacturer
06.12.2013 0 comments From Jerry Lu — Global Carrier
28.08.2013 0 comments From Jacky Droushoudt — TelServ BV is one of the biggest players in the world of Domestic Premium Rate Services (PRS), Pay Per Minute and Pay Per Call/Drop (also known as VAS numbers). Beside PRS solutions TelServ also offers Freephone (toll free numbers), Shared Cost numbers and Geographical numbers (DID’s) with a revenue…
12.08.2013 0 comments From Marco Dunhof — ION is a recently established company in the field of telecom and technology providing vast range of services for both local and international markets. It was founded by a group of motivated Libyan scientists and engineers with intensive worldwide experience.
07.08.2013 0 comments From firas_shaari — For  over a decade Renodis has helped hundreds of businesses deal with numerous telecom problems within their Wireline and Mobility environments. But the more problems we solved, the more we felt there was a bigger issue going unaddressed. There are many suppliers and partners, but looking after you…
18.12.2012 0 comments From Colleen Kranz — Bringing you the latest news and features on the in's and out's of the Telecom Industry.
12.04.2012 0 comments From Jeremy Dale Thomposon — It is my pleasure to introduce our leading Information Technology (IT) & Telecommunication Company to you. We hold a high prestige’s position in Saudi Arabia due to our high quality work and services in the area of telecommunication and IT services. Our highly qualified team and staff have been …
27.02.2012 0 comments From Nizar Jaber — Toll Free Forwarding, International Call Forwarding, Cheap Calls, International Conference Calls and More. Serving The World Since 1991. Compare Us And Save.
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