Browse Sites By Tag: training — ION is a recently established company in the field of telecom and technology providing vast range of services for both local and international markets. It was founded by a group of motivated Libyan scientists and engineers with intensive worldwide experience.
07.08.2013 0 comments From firas_shaari — MACSE is the first Italian association and network & community completely created, thought and built by Manager Assistants.
10.03.2012 0 comments From Mariachiara Novati — Sales Gravy is a sales training website with more than 30,000 pages of sales content.
06.12.2011 0 comments From Jeb Blount — IPv6 is an unknown challenge for SME businesses. Van4Naar6 is dedicated to help businesses with the preparation, implementation and testing of IPv6.
25.11.2011 0 comments From Nico Dammers — Ensign Agency is one of the leading training centers in Egypt, our main work is to provide IT Courses like (Linux, UNIX, and Microsoft), as we have qualified instructors have international certifications, also we have academic instructors have PHD and Master degree.
02.11.2011 0 comments From Ensign Agency — Provides multi lingual services for IT and Non IT organization across the globe.
07.10.2011 0 comments From Sanjay Shintre — At Solo Tech, we take pride in providing you quality, cost-effective solutions for your business. Whether you are in need of customised Software solution/Open source Implementation, repairs Service maintenance of IT & conferencing Products we strive to bring you the best optimal solution whic…
05.10.2011 0 comments From David Tharakan — Training and consulting for telecoms corporate excellence. New ideas for telcos and vendors alike, idea to action mechanics, Web 8.0 aspirant firms need connect!
29.11.2010 0 comments From Imran Owais Kazmi — The SIP School is the global leader in the provision of SIP and VoIP eLearning programs.  SIP which stands for the Session Initiation Protocol is becoming the de-facto standard protocol across all area of Telecommunications from Hardware and Software to Carrier services.  Anyone from Technical to Sa…
13.10.2010 0 comments From Graham Francis — Neoedge is a top-notch business media and consulting company that aims to serve the corporate world with integrity and excellence by providing cutting edge business intelligences and creating high value networking opportunities. Neoedge identifies pressing issues that the corporate world is facing. …
07.05.2010 0 comments From Eugene Azucena Telecom