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22.07.2010 (2139 Days Ago)
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0 comments Categories: Internet Telephony (VoIP)   Tags: routing calling card platform 
bridge2call.com — Rapid Technological changes have occurred in the communication mode ranging from telephony services to mobile. And now the world has various options on the platter to choose from. Quicker modes of communication are in Demand and the need for it increases with every passing day. The revolutionized communication technology has made international boundaries invisible and brought people closer to each other. The best and the cheapest means to stay in touch with loved ones are the calling cards. Bridge2Call is the solution from Panamax Info-tech Ltd- which helps you bridging your voice for better long distance communication. It is a complete platform that allows you to initiate calling card business for the Retail market. With Bridge2Call, one can easily launch and make an entry to the market with its own calling card and helps their customer by providing easiest way of making long distance calls. Bridge2Call is complete Solution which enables services provider to launch various operation from single point of access and manage it centrally.  It offers control over all the operation related to prepaid business.
6 comments Categories: Telecom Companies Wireless  Tags: mobiy 
mobily.com.sa — Mobily ( Saudi Arabia)
1 comments Categories: Wireless  Tags: Technology 
zycomm.co.uk — Offers complete communications solutions.

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