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1431 days ago 0 comments Categories: Technology Tags: mobile backhaul, satellite communications
Mobile backhaul options are getting more efficient and sophisticated, giving cellular network providers high-bandwidth options other than copper, fiber and point-to-point microwave technologies. There is a robust demand for wireless backhaul amid growing traffic. Millimeter waves from 70 GHz and 80 GHz e-band spectrum have a very promising mobile backhaul application , albeit rain attenuation poses drawbacks. As LTE networks expanded globally, integration of carrier-grade Ethernet, fiber a
1433 days ago 0 comments Categories: Others Tags: mobile backhaul, wireless communications, fiber
Picocells and microcells help expand network capacity and maximize the use of limited spectrum resources of cellular operators. But the cost of deploying picocells and microcells can be prohibitive for many base stations in areas with low population density. Small cell backhaul, although it deals with smaller traffic than a macrocell, can be sold by fiber network operators at the same price as macrocell backhaul , as experienced by Sprint. This pricing scheme makes microcell expansion harde
1436 days ago 0 comments Categories: Technology Tags: Satellite Broadband, Mobile Backhaul
Before satellite broadband is invented, rural folks who are not served by local telecommunication lines and wireless Internet had no immediate means to make calls. But satellite broadband introduced a new paradigm in rural communications by offering VoIP services that do not rely too much on terrestrial networks but instead are deployed using mobile backhaul and VSATs . Satellite broadband is expected to make satellite VoIP the preferred wireless communication option in countrysides ignored by
In his recent interview published on the June 2012 issue of SA Defence Business, Mike Kenneally, NewSat VP of Satellite Strategy, described NewSat's competitive edge in delivering secure satellite communications, backhaul and teleport services, especially to the armed forces. NewSat is the owner and operator of two state-of-the-art teleports in Australia - one located in Perth and the other in Adelaide. Overall, the facilities are equipped with 23 antennae, up-linking to 12-satellites inclu
1445 days ago 0 comments Categories: News Tags: Mobile Backhaul
Global broadband satellite carrier Hughes announced the completion of the end-to-end verification of HX System with the GSM base station of Nokia Siemens. The test will assure GSM operators that the HX260 platform, along with the Nokia Siemens Networks' GSM Radio Access, can effectively communicate over the bandwidth optimized 'Packet Abis' interface for an enhanced mobile backhaul operation. When used together, the Nokia Siemens Networks Packet Abis and Hughes HX260 offer an efficient mobil
1447 days ago 0 comments Categories: News Tags: CommunicAsia, satellite communications, mobile backhaul
CommunicAsia 2012 (The 23rd International Communications and Information Technology Exhibition and Conference) will showcase the recent solutions, strategies and market outlooks affecting the ICT, satellite communications and backhaul sector in regional and international markets. To be held on June 19-22 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, the international conference and trade show will feature speakers from the top management of prestigious carriers and ICT organizations to share market insigh
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