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IDG News Service (Bangalore Bureau) — Investor Carl Icahn and Southeastern Asset Management have countered Dell's plan to go private with an offer that would give shareholders a large payout and still keep the computer company publicly traded. In a letter Thursday to Dell's board, the two large shareholders in the company offered to give shareholders the option to continue holding shares in the company, and take an additional US$12 a share in cash or stock. Financing for the new proposal is
It’s important to know how distracted the people belonging to the TG are, with regards to whether they are searching for the brand or not. In case the audience is already searching, it’s great news! However, for brands that are not so lucky, the audience is busy indulging in a multitude of other activities on the internet, like reading articles, browsing social networking sites, etc. So, in order to get them to take a favorable action, it’s important to incite action. Many firms, in a desperate
It is a known fact that targeted campaigns work best with a single offer. However, the problem is that to get more leads, one needs to get different kinds of offers out all at once. So, here’s a list of the different considerations of choosing the right offer for better B2B lead generation. The first among these is to decide whether the target audience is already defined, so that a better offer can be tailored as per their needs, or do you want to target a broader audience. In case it’s the for
While indulging in B2B lead generation, prospects play the most vital role, quite obviously because they are the focal point of all the marketing and advertising initiatives. However, it’s important to understand that prospects don’t go searching for product or service providers whenever there is a product launch or upgrade. They also don’t suddenly become active when a certain number of leads are needed to complete targets. Their main concern is to fulfill their requirements, and that means th
A rather generalized statement about B2B lead generation campaigns is that they need to be focused towards a particular demographic that has qualified all segmentation filters and is perfect for the business. The constituents of this demographic are people who are most likely to buy the product or service being offered, as they have the inclination and capacity to do so. However, there are many types of customers one is selling to, within that demographic, which is also referred to in common pa
B2B lead generation always incorporated a segment of direct response marketing in the overall mix, like direct mailers and fish bowls at trade shows. However, when it comes to internet marketing, measuring how many leads one has scored is a deciding factor in planning the course of action for the future. Needless to say, this was a big leap for marketers who were, till now, living in a hypothetical world, quoting numbers at the drop of a hat and defining strategies based on assumptions. Suddenl
  B2B marketers were a lot slower in jumping on to the online marketing bandwagon compared to their B2C compatriots, and the reason was not because they thought it was a better idea, but rather because they knew there was no other choice if they wanted to survive. At the brink of the new millennium, every marketer had a single point agenda – to get more leads at a lower cost. This was one of the primary reasons why B2B lead generation via the internet was such a huge success. Also, many B2B mark
Many experts are of the opinion that the present time is one of the most dynamic stages of the B2B lead generation revolution, so to speak. Over the last decade, there have been remarkable changes in strategy, budgets, methodology and tactics used to achieve the business objectives. And even though the internet has certainly been responsible for most of these changes, it is not the only factor. The first observation in this regard is that field sales teams have more challenges to face. Even in
It’s important to come to terms with the fact that web access via mobile devices is increasingly becoming more popular, and visitor traffic statistics are a vivid proof of this phenomenon. Hence, B2B marketers have to act accordingly with regards to their B2B lead generation campaign, keeping a tab on the form submission requests and the kind of assets that are being used for generating leads. The type of content being accessed more frequently by recipients, the type of B2B lead generation form
Lead scoring essentially defines whether the lead needs to be handled by the sales team, for initiating communications, or the marketing team, for nurturing the lead. All in all, any prospect can become a great source of B2B lead generation if its place in the lead funnel is understood properly. Newsletters and whitepapers have the tendency to generate leads that are not so much for the sales as for the marketing team, i.e., they are generally about nurturing the lead. B2B lead generation, B2B
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