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Quite a bit of news this week from the alternative CDNs despite CompTel, with multiple items each from Level 3, EdgeCast, and CDNetworks plus the launch of CDN.net: [Read more →]

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India’s Reliance Globalcom says it is upgrading its transatlantic FA-1 South submarine cable system with the help of Ciena’s GeoMesh. That will mean 100GbE with OTN support will be on tap when complete. [Read more →]

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The Mobility News Weekly is an online newsletter made up of the most interesting news and articles related to enterprise mobility that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting information that reflects market data and trends.Also read Enterprise Mobility Asia News WeeklyAlso read Field Mobility News WeeklyAlso read Kevin Benedict’s What’s New in HTML5Also read M2M News WeeklyAlso read Mobile Commerce News WeeklyAlso read Mobile Health News WeeklyAlso read SMAC News WeeklyAnalyst Stra
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I have been involved in enterprise mobility for many years, and have watched enthusiastically as mobility has evolved into a massive technological, societal and cultural force.  I have witnessed mobility changing entire industries and driving growth.  I have studied the impact of mobility on companies and productivity.  I now wonder at what point are mobile solutions so important to a business that companies cannot afford to support a BYOD strategy.This morning I was reading a new detailed white
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The requirement that the BCCH TRX must transmit continuously in all the time slots sets strict limitations on how the frequency hopping can be realized in a cell. The current solutions are Baseband Frequency Hopping (BB FH) and Synthesized Frequency Hopping (RF FH). In the baseband frequency hopping the TRXs operates at fixed frequencies. Frequency hopping is generated by switching consecutive bursts in each time slot through different TRXs according to the assigned hopping sequence. The numb
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Mobile Allocation The MA is a list of hopping frequencies transmitted to a mobile every time it is assigned to a hopping physical channel. The MA-list is a subset of the CA list. The MA-list is automatically generated if the baseband hopping is used. If the network utilizes the RF hopping, the MA-lists have to be generated for each cell by the network planner. Read more http://www.teletopix.org/gsm/work-of-ma-hsn-and-maio-in-gsm
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Few hours to official launch of Samsung Galaxy S IV smartphone and bunch of latest leaked images of Samsung Galaxy S IV have confirmed that the new Samsung beast would be loaded with eight-core processing power, 13 mega pixel camera with almost 40% less thickness and an elegant design to woo users. Chinese site IT168 has released few images along with specification of Samsung Galaxy S IV claiming that the successor of Samsung galaxy S III would hold 4.99 inch screen, 7.7 mm thickness and w
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Here I list out some important OFDM characters for Wimax. Let’s check it in detail. OFDM Pros and Cons: OFDM enjoys several advantages over other solutions for high-speed transmission. Reduced computational complexity: OFDM can be easily implemented using FFT/IFFT and the processing requirements grow only slightly faster than linearly with data rate or bandwidth The computational complexity of OFDM can be shown to be, where B is the bandwidth and Tm is the delay spread. This complexity is m
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Orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA): Mobile WiMAX uses OFDM as a multiple-access technique, whereby different users can be allocated different subsets of the OFDM tones. As discussed in detail in Chapter 6, OFDMA facilitates the exploitation of frequency diversity and multiuser diversity to significantly improve the system capacity. Flexible and dynamic per user resource allocation: Both uplink and downlink resource allocation are controlled by a scheduler in the base st
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Calculation Angular Spread and Coherence Distance is very easy let’s see. So far, we have focused on how the channel response varies over time and how to quantify its delay and correlation properties. However, channels also vary over space. We do not attempt to rigorously treat all aspects of spatial/temporal channels but will summarize a few important points. The RMS angular spread of a channel can be denoted as and refers to the statistical distribution of the angle of the arriving energ
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