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Following up on the network M&A article before Christmas, it’s time to take a similar look at consolidation within the colocation and cloud marketplace during 2013.  Here is a quick look at the deals of the year, organized by the underlying trend they were a part of [Read more →]

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  Real Racing 3's time-shift multiplayer mode was a great addition to the game, but the latest update for iOS makes playing with friends even better. Now, aside from being able to face the car ghosts of your friends' pasts to beat their records, four players can hit the virtual tracks for some real-time racing. As a nice plus, both the refreshed Android and the iOS apps now include playable digital counterparts of the McLaren P1 plug-in hybrid and the next-gen Lamborghini Veneno, though t
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A new, still unannounced Samsung tablet has been caught at the FCC. Marked as the SM-T320, this could be the upcoming Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, which could either be a mid- or high-end tablet. If there were no for the Galaxy Note 8.0, we would be certain this is a high-end device. Since that’s not the case, we think the Tab Pro 8.4 won’t target users in the top-end of the market. That said, it may use an LCD- rather than AMOLED-based screen, with the latter being reserved for pricier tablets. F
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  Tagging greatly simplifies photo searches, but it can be a cumbersome process -- just ask anyone who has typed in keywords for dozens of vacation shots. It may be more intuitive if Apple implements the voice tagging from a newly published patent application, though. The technique would let mobile-device users describe images using natural-language voice commands, with social networks and other info filling in the gaps. Say "this is us at the beach" and the software would tag not only y
New Year’s Eve is just a few days away and the countdown is to primp up for the New Year parties you may be heading to. If your outfit is decided and you need good shoes, actually great shoes for the big party night. Then today is your day, because I will show you few amazing footwear’s that will complete your look and ring in the New Year with awesomeness! My headmost rule when it comes to shopping for new year’s eve shoes is a pretty simple one and that is  only the shoes or the dress you will
  The Lalit Jaipur New Year Party 2013 Next venue in our elite list is: The Lalit Hotel! The Lalit Jaipur Happy New Year Party 2013 It is one of the magnificent luxury hotels in Jaipur and it is located near Jawahar Circle which is in a few minutes’ drive way from airport in the city. It is well connected by two major roads which are Tonk road and JLN Marg. The Lalit Jaipur The Lalit Jaipur preset 231 rooms, a multi cuisine restaurant, an Indian cuisine restaurant – Baluchi, bar and lounge
  New Year Parties in Jaipur 2013 New Year has always been a time of the year when most of the crowd party in big crowded parties and dance all night, let’s change this tradition a little bit with peaceful dinner at or fourth elite venue which is: Chokhi Dhani: Chokhi Dhani Jaipur New Year Festival 2013 It is located on the outskirts of Jaipur. It is a complete replica of traditional Rajasthani Village which is spread on more than 18 acres of land. It is built on regular Rajasthani theme, en
Party venues are the biggest point to worry when it comes to New Year, so let me solve your problem a little bit, it’s time for our elite party venue no 5, its: The fern- an ecotel hotel: It is the first five star ecotel in Rajasthan, as its name is the fern, this luxury hotel struggles hard to be delicate towards the environment and takes all possible efforts to conserve Mother Nature. They do everything to conserve energy and water. They have arranged for minimal lightning and even recycling o
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As you may know, TelServ BV offers Premium Rate Service (PRS) - also known as service numbers or paid numbers - in several countries. Fact is that the definition of the term PRS, PRS regulations and the trends for the PRS market may vary for each country. TelServ would like to keep you posted about these variations. That is why we share a series of blogposts and infographics to explain more about PRS in various countries. Last time we explained more about PRS in Spain, in this blog post we will
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This Industry Viewpoint was authored by Stefan Bernbo, CEO and founder of Compuverde. The boom of cloud services and the rapidly-growing demand for more storage has turned virtualization into a hot commodity. Virtualization, the name given to the practice of using a software program to mimic the functions of physical hardware, offers a wide range of flexibility and reduced hardware costs. These benefits are becoming too [Read more →]
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