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International conference calls are a cheap solution for multinational companies that have offices in all corners of the globe and require regular communication through teleconferencing or other means. Conference calls of these international types save time, money, traveling expenses and hassles and are extremely cost effective (when meeting in person is impossible). Agenda Still it is not free and it takes coordination of time for all to make international conference calls. And so you should hav
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When you want to set up a virtual or remote office in any corner of the globe you need the help of international call forwarding numbers or a call diverting service that will permit the activation of your very own toll free number or local phone number in any part of the world. Call forwarding has a number of benefits. Several are discussed below. Expand Your Business and Access New Markets When you wish to expand your business beyond your domestic borders, access new markets in other countries
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When you want to cut your international phone bills by 60 to 90 percent there is no better way than to rely upon the advantages of prepaid international calling cards. They simply offer the cheapest rates without compromising on call quality. Time Saving Features and Convenience Prepaid international calling cards today come with time saving convenient features such as speed dial, easy recharge and PIN-less dialing. Instead of wasting a few precious minutes typing out long pin numbers every time
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Yesterday rumors emerged that XO’s CTO Randy Nicklas had left the company, and indeed his picture disappeared from the company website’s management team. But it was clearly voluntary, as Nicklas has already resurfaced over at Windstream (NYSE:WIN, news, filings). [Read more →]
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After discontinuing its efforts back in March, Earthlink (NASDAQ:ELNK, news, filings) appears to have finally landed the refinancing it was looking for. This morning they kicked off the private offering of $300M in senior secured notes due 2020. And simultaneously they commenced a tender offer and consent solicitation for the $292.3M in 10.5% notes due 2016 that they inherited from the purchase of Deltacom two years ago. No doubt we will hear what the new pricing will be later today or tomorrow.
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EdgeCast has won a big victory in its campaign to supply the CDN technology underlying telecommunications networks around the world. The Swedish giant TeliaSonera has partnered with them for managed CDN and site acceleration capabilities while adding their unparalleled Nordic depth to EdgeCast’s global reach. [Read more →]
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With ITW now in full swing, there’s been lots of news to start the week. Here’s a quick rundown of items from the datacenter sector: new products from Digital Realty and Telehouse, a product enhancement from Global Capacity, and a new tenant for CoreSite. [Read more →]

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Sony said the entertainment businesses were important contributors to its growth Continue reading the main story One of Sony's biggest shareholders has suggested that the Japanese firm should spin off up to 20% of its entertainment business and use the money to shore up its struggling electronics arm. Daniel Loeb, founder of US hedge fund Third Point, put forward the idea in a letter to Sony president Kazuo Hirai. Sony's US-traded shares jumped more than 10% in afternoon trading. Sony said in a
This article was originally posted on Geo Tel Communication's Blog When the civil war-ravaged nation of Syria suffered a countrywide Internet outage last week, Syrian state-run media blamed the problem on fiber optic cables. According to BBC News, state-run media reported that a “fault in optical fiber cables” was to blame for the blackout. This nationwide outage lasted for nearly 20 hours. Many speculated that the Syrian regime pulled the plug, instead of a fiber optic issue because the ent
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Even though it’s 2013 and VoIP is a multi-billion dollar industry, there are still many VoIP myths floating around. This post dispels 5 of the most common: http://blog.ipsmarx.com/5-common-voip-myths/?utm_source=telecomyou&utm_medium=blogs&utm_campaign=JT
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