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Directions 1 Measure A person 1/2 cups of baby dust, 1/2 cup of borax along with 2 tbsp. of baking soda in your medium bowl. 2 Add 15 drops with essential oil to the dish. You may use one acrylic, or a combination of vital oils. Choose your preferred scent or pick out specific oils for their affects, for example a combination of eucalyptus and ylang ylang will deter fleas, lavender includes a calming affect plus cardamom and patchouli are healthy aphrodisiacs. Vanilla, lemon and rose is also pop
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As you may know, TelServ likes to post their news and updates on Facebook on a daily basis. We would appreciate it if you could take the time to give us your review about our company and our services on this popular social media site. Please follow this link to write your review. Your opinion is important to us! If you have got any questions and-or remarks about our telecom services, please contact our sales department. They will always reply to you within 24 hours.
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Cogent has been raising its dividend every quarter since it started returning cash to shareholders, but this quarter saw the biggest boost yet. In terms of their quarterly numbers, revenue and earnings per share came in lighter than expected, while EBITDA and margins were stronger than anticipated. [Read more →]
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Alpheus made a small, strategic M&A move down in Houston yesterday. They have announced the acquisition of StratIT’sphere’s business colocation unit down in Houston’s energy corridor. [Read more →]

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Over in the bandwidth infrastructure market in Europe, euNetworks released its Q2 financials this morning. They posted another quarter of strong new sales, with recurring revenue up 3% sequentially. Here is a table of their overall numbers. [Read more →]
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According to the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg this morning, Sprint has given up its quest to purchase its rival T-Mobile US — again. Of course, it’s not an official decision and even if true they could restart things in a heartbeat if they wanted to, but the WSJ has had the inside track on this since the beginning. [Read more →]
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Windstream’s move last week to spin off/lease back its network and copper into a REIT certainly shook things up last week. Monday’s poll shows quite clearly that folks in the industry have diverging views on what it all means. There are definitely unresolved questions out there, at least for me. Let’s ramble on about a few of them: [Read more →]
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TelServ is happy to welcome Office Manager Linda Geerlings to the team. In the past Linda worked as an Office Manager and Operational Marketeer for Novellis. Linda likes working at TelServ because of the international aspect of the job.
Guidelines 1 Select a area in the garden with full sun light conditions, meaning the silk tapestry roses will have 6-8 hours of sun rays exposure, daily. 2 Dig a hole comparable size and the beginnings of the selected rug roses. Place the carpeting rose in the golf hole, so that the top of the plant's roots are level with the garden soil line. Fill the hole in with the previously dug soil. 3 Continue to repeat step 2 until eventually all of the carpet flowers are planted. Area each plant 3 feet
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Here’s a quick rundown on some news from abroad: [Read more →]

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