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Telecom Ramblings and Choice Links
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The Clipse: A Minimalist Mobile / Video Game Industry Blog
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I would like to start a blog on enterprise mobility.  TelecomYou has sent me many emails requesting that I add my enterprise mobility thoughts and articles to this site.
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Everything that I love in my life is made better via tools I can use on the Internet such as social networks and IP communications. So, that is what I like to share in text, photo, video and audio.
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A blog providing technological insights in the trends of the telecom industries.
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Telecom Industry News
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This blogpost is about PRS in the UK.
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Hi everyone! I welcome you to Mobile Devices, a Weblog featuring the latest goings-on in the mobile devices industry, plus useful information on developing apps for various types of mobile devices, updates on mobile carriers and so on.
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