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How to add a Blog?

Welcome to the TelecomYou(TY) Blogs where the telecoms community share thier knowledg and news.

If you've never used the TelecomYou! Blogs before, below you will find a quick brief on how to use the Blog.

You'll also find moderators on hand to help if you are stuck. contact us at admin@telecomyou.com for any support request.



First things first

Before you can start a new blog, you’ll need to firstly register (which is free) and login. Please remember that your username and profile picture (if you upload one) will appear alongside your messages in the blog.



From the Blogs homepage, click on "Add Post".




If this the first time trying to add a post, you will be forwarded to Add a Blogs folder page. Enter the Description, then click "Submit":



Fill the form and then click "Add Post".



Commenting on a Blog Post:


If you find a Blog Post that you’re interested in and want to comment on, just open the post and fill your comment, and click "Post"

If you have other blog on Blogger,Word Press and Tumblr, you can easily import it to TelecomYou. Check out the video for Import/Export Blogs from (Blogger,Word Press and Tumblr) :

Watch a video